Remarrying my spirit hubby

Do I need to remarry my spirit lover in this lifetime because he was my past life husband anyway?

IMO depends on what you two decided in the past life if you agreed it for all lives then yes if not then no

From what I understand spirit marriages are like pacts if that helps at all

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Because for him I’m still his wife despite being married to my present day husband. But to give honor to him I want to remarry him.

I have never done it so I don’t know a lot on the subject

If your vows in the past stated that the pact was voided when the first one died then you are not currently married.

If you want to be married to him now then vows can be stated. And that is your choice. But as far as it being " to honor him" I’d advise taking the time to make sure that it helps and honors you to do this and all things. You can honor him with a candle. Marriage to a spirit is a big deal.

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We stated out vows. He even told me that not even death can break us apart. I was the first one who died in that lifetime because I was raped and killed. After that, he didn’t remarry. And he told me that I’m still his wife and remarriage through binding would be nice and he’s more than willing to participate. He even manifests himself as his playable version in a game which is cool.

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