Relocation to OR also buying a house and need to steal it from a rival. Know of any good Demons?

Wondering if anyone is from the green state of OR? I’ve already met some good folks up there on a househunting excursion. If anyone is interested in possible collaboration or just meeting someone all about in learning, evouloution, and walking the path while missing as little as possible. A little south of Portland to narrow it down a bit. Has anyone had experience with stealing a house from a rival in the buying process?/Anyone know of a good Demon for this? I’m thinking Belial. Much obliged.

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Probably Belial yes, but I’d also recommend Bog Veles, he’s associated with wealth.

Thank you friend. I went with Belial. I got a response that damn near knocked me down. Crystal clear reply (double tapped with divination just to be sure) in a voice like honeyed spiced wine. Reminded me of a EmCee back when that used to mean something. I just can get away from how good he sounded. Like velvet and suede smoked through fine aged, infused and cured tobaccos. Damn…Could not have asked for more. Hail Satan! :smiley:

Thank you for your generous likes by the way. :blush:

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Did you make it to Portland?