Religious books should be believable (Qu'ran, Bible etc.)

These two books have made a large impact on the world.

If you’re a liar, you’re not going to get very far and get people to write books about you, seeing is believing.

For example Jesus made a large impact on the crowd and everybody agreed that magic exists. It’s I think: convincing people to see it in reality.

Just like prophet Muhammad made an impact on the world on his own I think, he must’ve convinced people so strongly that he got a crowd to join with him.

You wouldn’t write a thousand page book if it’s a lie. Churches convinced the government (or maybe higher ups) to be tax-free. I’m not going to much in to conspiracies on this one. But liars always get caught and just throughout generations, there has been no lie/liar that survived that long to become a tale for centuries.

I personally believe in these things because people talk, the crowd talks before agreeing on something before spreading the word and then --> seeing is believing, and liars often don’t survive that long because they don’t provide evidences on a consistent basis and skeptics were always around the corner.

Plus I don’t need a reaction, just trying to share my personal beliefs on this and to make you guys make time to think about it as well.

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Are you sure about that ?


In religion, believing has a lot to do with not seeing


Well you’d get mass following when you start killing people against you and using scare tactics enslaving people with fear… Killing druids… Forcing people to go to church


It’s like saying every politician who gets elected is truthful and desires to serve people…human beings get controlled by things when they start feeling less powerful than the things… Like a moth to a flame


I meant for when it started, you need to start with an evidence. I can lie about turning wine into water but I can’t do that so I’m not going to gain any followers. If you know what I mean.

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Yes I’m sure.

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Not even all magickal books and grimoires are accepted and believable by occultists, things that work for someone might not work for someone else. And we’re talking about books written by actual practitioners. That’s one of the perks being a black magickian, being dogma free, you don’t have to believe and accept everything that others believe. Yet you don’t see anyone making posts to say these books who work for them should be believable.


Those stories may be metaphors, there is no official story of Jesus outside the religious texts. I can say that Churchill turned water into wine and write a book about that, but there is a real story of him that shows that he didn’t, which we don’t have with Jesus. As for the prophet of Islam, everything is about politics, I mean, Romans didn’t turn into Christians because they saw Jesus doing miracles, nor did the natives of my country


When you make one person follow you its easier to make second one.That grows like an avalanche in some situations,and you get a new religion in your hands.

I am not saying they are %100 human production fan fictions.However

Probably we already lost original manuscripts, they are perverted.Probably.


To lie is still to be joined by followers, but to last, one must be truthful imo.

In this case they haven’t lost hope and continued to write about beings, legendary people and etc. In the bible.

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Which is true what you’re saying, religion is believing while you don’t see the unseen. But I find it strange… to devote your life to one man that performs miracles.

If he was a hoax and a liar he has to remember all the things he said in which case he wasn’t a liar.

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The quran reads like the product of insanity. Neurotic, psychopathic, pedophilic, hardcore obsessive compulsive insanity.

The sick fuck who penned that scourge to humanity was not right in the head. At all. Read the surah on bathroom etiquette, it’s hilarious until you realize he’s completely serious and shouldn’t have been allowed around people. Somehow… somehow he convinced people he was a prophet and they were probably not going to heaven regardless.

The bible was written over the course of centuries by generations and generations of people. It reached a point where they could control people by controlling the narrative (see: today’s media, everywhere) and shape “truth” to whatever suited them best. People wouldn’t even be able to read it and it would come through the local religious figure at the time.

Probably as many interpretations of Christianity as there is the LHP on this forum.


There’s actually a theory floating around that Allah is another mask of Satan.

Honestly, it isn’t so much that the aforementioned texts are so incredible. It’s just very difficult for people to read and analyze them through an objective lens.

Plus, both Islam and Christianity’s tumultuous history doesn’t really help much.

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Short answer - no. Long answer - no.


He didn’t really ask anything. @someguy1

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