Reliable Stone and Crystal Index

“This stone is a high vibration stone that will unlock your potential and protect you!”


Sure, there is some slight variation of this, but all stones have the same fluffy new age description.

What are your tips on sites and authors who have a less new age description of every stone meaning?

Sure, I have methods of finding what I want, but it would still be good with websites that others have experience with.


I remebered it as an English page but it’s in Dutch. So this will only benefit the few of us who speak it or those who are willing to translate the site. Very nice info on here though

I usually choose based on what Stone feels right for the given effect/manifestation. Then I consecrate it to manifest that effect/manifestation.

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I do the same, that is how I found the stones I use today.

But I want to read somewhere, about stones, that is not just new age repetitions.
For inspiration, and to quickly compile information.

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One day. One day stones will be in database, and can sort them as needed.

Thus spoke Zarathustra


Seriously, though, this is a great idea. Too bad my coding skills are lacking or I might attempt it.

I google crystal vibration and this pops up:


Apparently, this is all crystals are good for? who knew?