Releasing tension


I would like to hear all of your best methods for getting rid of stress. Anything from meditation to evocation


A technique I picked up through an audio guided meditation was to relax every part of the body through suggestion. Nothing new here BUT what I found really worked was to start with the head and facial muscles. Go through every part of your head and face. Say to yourself; brain-relax, cheeks-relax, nose-relax, lips-relax, tongue-relax, throat-relax, eyes-relax, etc and so on. For some reason beginning with the head and it’s parts induces relaxation for me much quicker than limbs and body parts first. The relaxation begins almost instantaneously. For what it’s worth, I hope this may be of some use.


I do a top-down scan if I’m really worked up. I just go down from the top of my head, like some machine was scanning me with a flat laser. So I concentrate on literal slices of my body at a time and relax all the muscles in that “slice”. I usually repeat this several times until the tension does not come back.
I also do conscious pore breathing - breathe out the negativity and breathe in a cool calm sensation.
I’ve also been working with the black and white astral mirrors from IIH. It actually produces an incredible balance within. I’ve been sharper, happier, and more calm than I’ve been in years since I’ve been working through the mirrors.


Do you remember what chapter or page that was on?



Here is one of my favorite meditations, it came from some sith religion site but it works

Step 1:
-Sit in the six-point meditative position.
-Breath meditate until your mind is free of distractions.

Step 2:
-Feel the calmness grow more intense as you begin to feel chills.
-Open your mind’s eye and see that you are sitting on the highest peak of a mountain.
-Visualize only the ground you sit on. Concentrate. When you fall out of the vision, leap right back into it.
-When you can see the ground you are sitting on just fine, look up.

Step 3:
-The landscape you see around the mountain in its many vegetations and areas is your emotional makeup. It is you.
-As you look upon the landscape you notice all your emotions attached to it. Observe them. Be intrigued by them.
-Now, also feel how burning hot the emotions are. They are distant, and you are cold, but at they same time they are even more intense.

Step 4:
-Manipulate these emotions to whatever you wish. Doing this should be intuitive. Make them more intense. Make them less. Mix them and create them.
-Focus on your anger–the hot part of the landscape–and increase it. The more the better.
-Notice that you are still calm.
-Open your eyes.


[quote=“Maxx, post:4, topic:401”]Do you remember what chapter or page that was on?


The black and white mirror is introduced in the first step. However, it is constantly used throughout the book. The second step goes into perfecting and balancing yourself. So, the first two steps as far as the astral mirror goes.