Release of a desire then this happen

Hello everyone, so for a long time I was working to achieve a desire of mine.
Last night I was driving just for fun because it gives me chill but if I would have this desire I would not do this, and bumm, I had a 200$ damage on my car.

After I arrived home I was so angry, not because of the 200$ but that this desire is taking so long to achieve and the whole fact that it even causes things like this to me.

So before sleeping probably by rage I did a relasing ritual in the bed, I summoned my desire as a whole package and I said” goodbye to it and things like I’ve waited for this so long so bye” , but in a respectful way like really someone just had enough. I didn’t count this as an official release better just a rage act

I slept like few minutes after that and had a dream of this desire in a manner that’s so bad I almost cried.

Like your desire is to have a kid, and you release this need and then you instantly dream of your husband leaving you

What could this mean?

Also Then I draw a tarot card asking a kinda tricky question “should I release this desire, if I want to say after 3 months, that I made the good decision? “ then the 9 of cups came out.

For me that’s the be careful what you wish for card in a good manner. What could that mean in a manner of a question like this?

Thank you anyone who can help me with this

Usually when casting any spell it takes 40 day’s of repetitive casting before it’s permanent, a one off like this shouldn’t have to much of a effect but if your worried just imagine your desire being drawn back to you every day for a few days to counteract it.

Also be sure to invoke a feeling of happiness and confidence into your self before performing the ritual of course if you were to do this every day for 40 days provided you don’t start during void moon then there’s no doubt your desire will be permanent.

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