Release from pact

I made a pact, and realized a mistake too late. I would like to be released from this specific pact, temporarily. The pact has not been broken, by either myself or the spirit, but because of the mistake, I would want to renegotiate the pact, possibly. I am also planning a working, coming up, which I believe will grant me a new and different relationship with the spirit, and am considering release from the current pact due to my upcoming dedication, at which time I would prefer to form a new agreement, abolishing the previous pact altogether, to form something better. Should I wait or ask to renegotiate now?

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Aight, a pact is like an agreement essentially. You negotiate beforehand not after, it is disrespectful at that point.

I suggest you work through it and then when it ends, start again.

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Contact the spirit you made the pact with and discuss it with him. He may be amenable to either altering the pact, or renegotiating, or he might even be willing to release you from it, but you need to ask him before you do anything. Your upcoming dedication might not even affect the pact at all, but you will not know until you ask him.

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Thank you, both.