Greetings mortals I need some help. So I had a weird dream that one of my best friends met another friend and after a wile the new friend somehow managed to convince my best friend to not want to be my friend anymore. So basically ditch me, And now at school my best friend just met a friend that looks similar to the person in the dream and thinks they are awesome. Is this something I should be worried about or am I just paranoid and/ or jealous?

Probably just a prophetic dream, should feel similar to other divination if you have the experience to make the comparison. Act in a different way and you can break the prediction. If you don’t know how you acted in the dream, then you could try doing a specific divination to find out what path leads to that dream being fulfilled and then act differently, or what path of events leads away from the dream, or you could just be up-front and tell your friend that you are worried about your relationship because of the influence of this person.

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Ok thanks