Relationships with angels?

I know that people can have relationships with demons and gods, but what about angels or Archangels? I had an experience and I’m just confused right now.


I’ve wondered that, too. I’ve had interesting experience with an archangel before, but then, someone said angels don’t have any feelings and are just kinda like robots. :confounded:


Yes, you can have a relationship with angels, though most seem to be less interested in physical (ie sexual) relationships than demons or gods. There are a few instances of such things happening though. I remember reading about a nun who said she was married to an angel and they did consummate.

It is in fact part of their mythology, according to Christianity, and the reason for the whole flooding of the world thing to wipe out their offspring.

I don’t think angels are robots but they do operate differently than demons. Though their goal is the same, the elevation of humans to godliness, they do so through different mechanisms. Angels seem to work from the top down, through the harnessing of cosmic and Divine force, while demons seem to work from the bottom up, using elemental forces closer to the physical plane. In my opinion, that is why a demon is more interested than sex than an angel.


Thanks for the info! I was confused for a while and wasn’t sure if it was possible :slight_smile: I had a sexual experience with an archangel, but I’m not sure if it would even be called sexual? It certainly wasn’t like with any other spirit I’ve been with before, as instead of getting physical, we just connected our third eyes and sent energy to each other. It was the same thing, just in a different way.


You mean besides fallen angels? I wouldnt do it since they are linked with the Christian god but Catholics have tons of angels and saints as guardians.

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No, angels aren’t linked with the Christian god. They predate that religion by many thousands of years. There is only a link if you believe there is.

Personally, I don’t believe in the concept of fallen angels. In my opinion, it’s just another mythology to explain how demons came to be because humans needed an explanation for why their god would create something considered inimical to the rest of His creation.


For me they were there to teach specific lessons and then I/they moved on. Although some other people have different experiences.

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Yes, they might want a sexual relationship, or any other exchange of energy. My take is that’s okay.

Angel is a judeoxtian term applied to some entities (only some) that existed thousands of years before the Canaanite civilization that became the basis of the old testament. Some of them have deity identities in several cultures.

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What was the angels name if you don’t mind me asking?

Yeah I’ve done this with mine before. I actually prefer it.