Relationship with Sitri and Ladilock


I wanted to know if anyone is in contact with Sitri or Ladilok???

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What is your question?

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If you search through BALG; you’ll see many replies regarding Sitri and Ladilok.

I’ve looked and read up. but I needed someone who can talk to them about a desire I asked

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OK I see, I did not work with Ladilok, but there are people who did within forum sure, so they may tell more about Ladilok if you ask them ( the ones who made entries about ) they may help.

But you may ask yourself too. Even without hearing them, there are different ways to get answers, you may use pendulums, coins if you like.

lol beleive it or not i have no experience with divination.

I will take E.A course but atm im doing 2 courses

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For the moment elemantary psionics by cosimano would help.

There’s a section within it, Pendulum you may check it p34. He’s funny and sure will be helpful.

You may do basic divination just by asking the questions to the Entity. (meditation beforehand; get the sigil, chant the enn, make some offers etc. -the basic ritual - “show respect always”- ) and by flipping a coin five times ( you should fix one side for yes and the other for no) You would guess from the first hand whether they will accept to help or not. Basic but will do.

However better to follow Cosimano, it will help in other areas too. :slight_smile: