Relationship with Archangels After Continued Demonic Evocations


You should ask the archangels themselves if they would take offense or not. As for the goetia being forbiddon I and other people have done stuff with goetia entities and still do stuff with angels too, so maybe thats just something they specified for you and your development, thats my theory anyway. What alot of people don’t understand is that angels and demons arent really adversaries , their more like co-workers that sometimes rub each other the wrong way.

I think you should probably listen to what your teachers are telling you. It sounds to me like you’re getting plenty of instruction, technique, and power - I don’t know that you would get more than what you’re getting through demons. All paths lead to ascension, and your progress seems pretty solid.

Also, I think what you and Defectron concluded may very well be the case - perhaps you’re not ready. I imagine these teachers will guide you through what you need - there is likely a ritual much like the lake of fire that they can put you through as well. Ask about it, and if/when you’re ready, they’ll show you the way.

That’s my best analysis of the information you’ve provided. Ask your teachers directly if you need to know more.

So is the assumption that a beginner should work with angels first?? Also I hear a lot of the demons are misunderstood and what not and then read the BOA and hear Dante and E.A. calling them Fiends, evil spirits, vile creature, ect ect. Well that sounds pretty fucking negative to me. I get a lot of contradicting info from a lot of different places. Somewhere in my mind I’m hearing dont be tricked, dont fall for it. Maybe its years of brain washing (and my family wasn’t even religious) How the hell did E.A. start all this going to a catholic school and having bible thumping parents?? I’m having a lot of doubts these days and that is not good at all while working with these entities.

How my occult teacher explained it, the reason why someone usually would want to work with angels first is because the angels are sort of like the management where demons are more like workers. In other words, if you get in trouble with a worker you can have manager help smooth things over. This isn’t exactly how I did things as the majority of the first entities I tried evoking were demons though that was more out of convenience since I had more information about them.


cinereous here already has an established relationship with these angels, will full communication and evocation. They’ve expressly told him to not mess with demons right now. It’s up to him to decide what to do with this knowledge, we’re just helping him figure it out.

For a person starting out, go with what you want to do. Some suggest picking a path - left-hand, right-hand, voudoun, etc. and then sticking with it. Others have their own path, which may mix elements. Work with the entities you’re drawn to. Try to figure out what it will be like to work with them and what/how you’ll gain.

If you feel drawn to demons, work with them.

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by the same token (and i’m not just playing devil’s advocate), i’ve always believed (and heard from others) that one should never let a spirit or anyone else tell them (that is, force them) to do, or not do something.

ultimately, this path is the left hand for a good reason, and if one were to supplicate to either daemons or angels, it would become a kind of pseudo right hand worship practise. nothing wrong with that, either, if that’s how you want to go, but i’m not a slave to fear. i simply will not allow anything to threaten or coerce me into doing what they want.

that said, if you feel it is beneficial to your own development, then that’s what you should do. no point rebelling unless it actually gets you somewhere (better, that is). if i were you, i’d ask for an explanation, some clarification and a good reason as to why the goetia is “forbidden”. if they mean forbidden for your stage of development, then work with them to get to a point where it’s okay to start with the goetia (if that’s what you want to do, i mean). if they just mean it’s forbidden, well, i sure as hell know what i’d do. same thing if a daemon told me it was forbidden to work with angels.

remember, we’re supposed to be living gods. that means we outrank everything in the universe (besides each other, but that’s a whole other issue i’m not going to get into right now). show respect as appropriate, but don’t ever be made to take shit without a reason you’re happy to live with.

kind regards, james.

To the O.P. Did you ever ask the Angels why the Goetia Demons are forbidden??

Hey all, something happened recently that kind of relates to this. I had a projection recently where I met an angel in the astral who seemed to be riding what appeared to be a ups truck. I had a disscussion of him about the difference between angels and demons. He said the primary difference is angels tend to have greater freedom to act beyond the purpose that they were made to act out. He said some other stuff too but I don’t remember it too well, that stood out to me more then the others.

Angels in my experience are the embodiment of altruism. Doing whatever is necessary for a “greater good”. Demons are more primal and in the moment, doing whatever is necessary to bring your goal to fruition. I started in magick working with angels and while I was never forbidden to summon a demon I remember the apprehensions i had about it from the dogmatic stereotypes of my christian mindset at the time. In fact I never even recalled an angel speaking ill of a demon to me. If they’re not wanting you to work with demons just yet I can only think like a few others have mentioned that it’s probably got something to do with your development and could change. Either way the decision is ultimately yours whether or not you ever evoke a demon. Some never do and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you trust their judgement and want to continue only working with them that’s fine but if you don’t listen to them it’s not going to completely sever your ties to these beings either. If defying what they tell you made them turn away from you I would’ve been shut off from them long ago. I think if you can forgive yourself and resolve your inhibitions about going against their advice then they’ll do the same.