Relationship help

I haven’t posted here in a while but I’ve tried everything else and I need some help from some mature people.

So after 2 years of doing various magical operations to manifest the relationship I’ve wanted my whole life a few months ago I finally got what I wanted to the letter she exactly what I wanted in so many ways I mean everybody has there shit but she’s exactly the type of person I wanted and our relationship is great but I have a serious fucking problem that I don’t know what to do about

Im a young guy early 20s I stayed single for years because I just didn’t know how to deal with women after my last relationship
Then after I finished my pact with Nahamaa Boom everything changed and They were all over me my confidence totally changed and I got really good at flirting so there were lots of girl in my inbox and I wasn’t used to it then I met my current Girlfriend and we hit it off really good she’s sweet cute and very loyal and really perfect for what I wanted in a relationship but the problem is I’m still getting a lot of attention from other attractive girls
Especially with my work because I deal with people all day and I really don’t know how to handle it
I really just can’t kick the urge to fuck every single one of them I love my girlfriend very much and went through so much to manifest this relationship I definitely don’t wanna lose her. She’s really everything I’ve ever wanted and there’s a lot synchronization between us that makes me think she’s the one.
But I cannot stop flirting and I cannot stop wanting other girls not one girl not a couple like I want all of them
I wanna have my cake and eat it too and I’m tired of whenever I try to talk about this with anyone being told I’m a pos
I know what I am and I haven’t done anything yet
I just don’t know how to handle this
I’m scared to talk to her about it because I don’t wanna lose her
But the excitement I get from flirting with other girls isn’t gonna go away
I don’t know how to handle this situation magically
I know at the end of the day maybe there isn’t really a good solution and maybe I’m just gonna have to make a hard decision but if anyone has any real advice I’d appreciate it a lot

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It’s like I went from not being able to have any girl
To realization that I can have anyone I want BUT now I’m stuck with one it’s really gods sense of humor if I think about it

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Maybe is a lesson in here … Are you ready for this relationship you really wanted so bad ?

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I congratulate you on your successful operation, but you’re life has barely begun.

So, you finally got what you wanted and you’re throwing it away for the chance at a (or every) side-piece? I think @Jorjet hit it on the head.

You’re given a chance to see which way you’re going to go. Maybe there’s a way Nahamaa would prefer you go, maybe there isn’t. Perhaps this dream girl you worked so hard for isn’t your dream girl and you need to experience it to determine that. Maybe your dream girl decides you’re not the dream man she thought you were. There are too many combinations that could be going on here.Maybe it’s just a learning experience either way.

Did you ask Nahamaa for guidance?

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Have you tried role playing and such, in order to invite a variety of options and the like to the table?

If she’s the one, talk to her. Maybe she’ll have ideas, or even relate to your situation, or perhaps If you can set boundaries of sort you can meet in the middle-maybe she’d would be open to participating in the flirting with you, or allow you to flirt as long as the sexual remains only between you.

Another option would be to do work on yourself, figure out why you have these tendencies and what you can do to quell them. Or cast lust and obsessions spells on yourself designed to attract you even more so to her.

Good luck.
Goodness knows people can surprise you.

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