Relationship Breakup - Suggestion

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Firstly, I want to thank you for your time and I greatly appreciate if you can shed some light on the following as I am very new to the LHP.

I am trying to break a relationship between 2 people and have thrown a lot of curses and spells to end their relationship. I have noticed that the situation between them tends to get smoother and sweeter instead of hating each other. Is it normal in magick that before the relationship breaks down, things get better first and then it breaks? Does curses work in a different way? Can someone please advise or shed some light on how does curses actually start working?

I have done curse rituals with Andras, Lord Belial, Pazuzu and President Marbas about 2 weeks ago for the targets and I notice that they getting closer instead of being apart. I truly appreciate your insight on this.

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If you want to throw a relationship into utter disorder, I suggest the spirit Andras.

That owl headed bastard will fuck up anything.


If it’s getting better instead of worse I would question why. Sometimes in baneful magic it seems the target is stronger, healthier, etc before they fall as they over compensate to hide the unexplainable, bad luck, illness etc.

But the reason I replied is I would consider the possibility that there may be some sort of soul contract, or that one of the parties is actively working against you to counter the baneful acts.

Goodness knows if you come after me or mine, I’d fight tooth and nail to not only keep it intact, determine the cause, counter and then return the favor.

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Thank you so much for your response. I want to look closely into this and take action. Thank you so much once again for your suggestions. Appreciate it very much.

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I’ve been thinking a bit about which way to go about breaking relationships. The main one would be the sex curse. Most people are together cuz of the sex which creates hormones to make one feel love toward one another. So the sex curse would be appropriate. Destroy their sexual function and you get them to no longer feel attracted to each other. They will question the relationship .If there is no connection, they will not want to be around each other. Kill the attraction and they won’t care if the other person leaves. They will feel they are not right for each other. We can attack the finance but friends/family can cover the finance they lack. We can attack health but the partner will take better care and it will cuz connection through dependency caretaking… So the main one is we need to attack is their sex drive/ sex attraction. We can also attack finance and health or both afterwards. They will be too busy worrying about money and health that it will affect their sex drive as well. however, the main one to focus on is their sex drive as many people use sex as a way to connect or to show love. Kill that and they lack interest in other person.

Makes sense. The attraction is the thread that holds all.relationships together. And most are attracted because of sexual need. Especially the superficial ones and You know most relationships are superficial. If there is no sex, there will be fights between them. Why else most divorce are due to cheating? Cuz it’s about the sex. Finance is a big one too as its’ basic survival needs. Also, no money means no activity to do or buy experience activity to connect. Most usually it comes back down to the sex as the end goal.

For ladies, it seems unless your sleeping with them they don’t really care for you unless you can help them with health from illness or finance. sex might not be their goal. It might be love however sex is their way to express love even if it’s not true. . For guys, majority of them, sex is the only goal or reason to be in a relationship.


How to destroy their sexual function? Suggest me a beginner-friendly ritual.

Ask the demon that work with sex theme. i’m a beginner myself. So i don’t know about which ones work. :man_shrugging: