Rejuvanating your Body with Darkness

Hi Everyone, I am currently Reading and practicing some exercise from the Book Nox Infernus by A.W Dray, for those who do not know what this book is about, This Book is a Book on Vampirism.

In this Book, we Find a exercise that I found very useful in my personal Practice in many Levels, So i wanted to share it with you,

This technic consist in sitting in a Completely Dark Room, While being Sitted in this Room for a Period of time(1 hour is recommanded in the Book, but i’ve found that 25 Minute per Day is Wonderful also) And to Fill your Entire Being with Darkness, You can do this by Visualisation combined with Deep and Profond Breathing, while Knowing and Affirming with Real Intent and Focus that the Darkness is Rejuvanating your Entire Body, make it him Immortal on a Sub-Atomic and Atomic Level.

An Affirmation i use is : ‘‘The Darkness is Rejuvanating my Entire Being Completely and Permanently NOW!’’

I’ve found that adding the Now at the End of the Affirmation Help make it more Concrete and Powerful.
Dont Hesitate to modify or change this Affirmation Completely.

I’ve found that this Exercise grant Result very Quickly, a better and increase Vitality, a more Calm and Detached awarness during the Day.

While i was Thinkin about why this exercise does what it does, I remember that when i was a Kid i’ve suffer Heavy Migraine and the Only Way to make it dissapear was to Put Myself in complete Darkness, Also it is well know that Sleep make the Body Rejuvanate, and Sleeping with Light is Difficult and even impossible for some, Darkness induce Sleep, and Sleep is Rejuvanating, So i think that this Exercise may have many Scientif Proof Backing it, i will Certainly do more Research on this.

Have a Nice Day Everyone!