Is reincarnation real?

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That all depends on your definition of the word real and who you ask, and there is only one real way to find out, no? :skull:

Oh, maybe two. :thinking:


Unfortunately I’m unable to soul travel yet

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If you can get yourself into a trance state or be hypnotized you can go through exercises to try to remember a past life. Its the easiest way if you can do it with a second person. They can record what you say while you are under. I have used this method before and it worked for me.

Another way is to get a journal and put it by your bedside table. Repeat to yourself “i will remember my past life” until you fall asleep. Do that for a few nights and see what happens.You may have a past life experience appear as a dream. So just write down what you see when you wake up.

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I’ve personally given guided past life regressions and did them on myself as well. I got results with everyone I worked with, and even managed to confirm some of them. I haven’t done one in years due to a scary experience that challenged my ability to troubleshoot with hypnotized people. But due to these experiences, I would say reincarnation is real.


Souls go to the moon for the reincarnation process.
Which is in fact a trap.

I look at it as a crime to be forced to reincarnate.

Although, people have said that souls are given an option, if they wish to reincarnate,
but that for most people is like being in a dream like state, so they don’t even know what they are doing.
People who astral travel will be fully aware though.
Most people won’t even know what’s happening, or if that is even real.

It reminds me of a scene from the movie matrix where the architect explains to neo that

“99.99% of the programs accepted the matrix, as long as they were given a choice, even if that choice was given at a near unconscious level”

So your saying if you practice astral travel is this life, you will be aware and conscious upon your death?

Someone’s been reading Gurdjieff’s stuff…

I have a quick question for anyone willing to answer. Do any of you feel as though not all of your past lives were lived as humans, or even on this planet?

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Reincarnation is very real and some do it while in the living ,leave their mortal bodies to be spirits and come back to their bodies at their wish(I hope this is what your asking ).
A demon ll recommend whose easy to work with in this area is Odin one difficult with a lot of work but safe is Lucifer .But to gain that power Looooooooooooool it ain’t worth it .


Yes, according to hinduism, you do reincarnate in different realms/worlds as devas, asuras, humans, animals, etc. According to your karma.

Yes, but not everyone, I believe it must be done alot,
Because when the body dies, the soul is asleep mostly, if not then that’s good.

The whole point of all eastern religions is to free oneself from the cycle of reincarnation. And they preach that one can do it clearing one’s karma and freeing one self from lust, desire, hate, duality, etc.

It’s a bad thing for the most part, as you mostly suffer.

I am not sure if one is given a choice at death,
That’s what some people have said,
My belief is that one sees the afterlife according to their beliefs.

But I do know there are traps to force people into reincarnation too. Lights, beautiful mezmerizing sounds, demons pretending to be your dead relatives telling you to enter the tunnel (light at the end of it), even tho they wouldn’t. And telling you all kinds of shit, about life, purpose and reincarnation (but they won’t reincarnate?) And other lies.

And I also know that the soul must either be tricked or must choose to reincarnate,
Gods can’t force you (unless you’ve been really evil, then it’s hell) to reincarnate.

I’m borderline obsessed with the concept of reincarnation, mainly because I feel like I’m tired of doing it. I’ve looked into multiple theories about the process, including Vedic Theory which seems to insinuate that it’s all karmic and we have no choice or escape. I’ve looked into Buddhist and Gnostic Theory that build their entire belief structure on Enlightenment, Gnosis, the defeat of the Ego, and getting out (This is my personal favorite theory), and Tibetan Bardo Theories that do mention the temptations after death that attempt to pull you back into another incarnation, or into a realm of hungry ghosts.

Traditional Gnostic thinking resonates with me. We are trapped here by a Demiurge figure that poses as a benevolent God in order to feed off of our energy and worship. Our addictions keep us connected to the low and dense world of matter until we can deny them and be freed. Gnostics went through some pretty strict practices and suffered in their attempts to break those addictions in order to see the truth and be reunited with it after death.

I do think some people spent previous lives as animals. Perhaps it is those who don’t have that ‘it’s-tiring-to-be-human’ weariness yet, and who seem more instinctive and impulsive.

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I’ve never really believed the whole “Your soul chose to come back, to this specific time, place, gender, race, class, etc. on a soul contract in order to learn something”. I’ve spent most of my time here doing housework and inspecting parts at factories. What great needed lesson is there in that?

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I am with you here,
I am much worse,
I even wanted (still do) to sell my soul and be a tormented forever in hell, just to escape this shitty planet. But, not only do we not have any real gods, it turns out, there are no real devils either, just stupid demons.

I believe this to be true.



I haven’t gotten quite to the point of volunteering for Hell in this life, but I have been mourning the fact that few of the Traditional Gnostic practices survived for HOW they worked to contact and experience the truth.

I got a cheat peek at it once, I believe. It was during an Ego Death experience facilitated by a psychedelic (I’m not enlightened, I just got lucky with the shrooms). I don’t recall seeing anything, or hearing anything. I definitely didn’t think anything, because that part of me was gone. There was no internal chatter, no conflict or angst. Just this condensed peach pit type bit of me floating in what felt like a giant interconnected honeycomb. It was bliss beyond description, because the only emotion I could feel was compassion. I was receiving it, I was radiating it, and I was even made out of it.

I’ve actually recounted that story to people who had friends or family on death’s door or were already gone, in order to comfort them. Sadly, their loved one probably went into a new incarnation instead of that blissful void.

I know what you mean,
I’ve had quite a few beautiful experiences myself.
Can’t even describe it.

Understanding consciousness is the key here,
What people call ‘law of attraction’.