Reincarnation trap

Why is i that E.A says thats when you die you go back to source.

There are other opinions going around that their is a reincarnation trap with. Apparently when you die you see a white light and it tricks you into going to it. You meet entities acting nice but really they are trying force you to reincarnate.

Also why is it that Azazel told E.A that he wants what we have. I.e this flesh. Having read robert monroes 2nd book there was an entity called AA. He had never been a human before but apparently he got seduced by the M band noice from earth and wanted to become human. All AA had to do was go to a place where they put you in. AA soon became a baby human born in NYC. So if Azazel wanted to have what we have he could do what AA did right?

The main question is has anyone figured out how to go back to the place we were at before being humam. AA apparently came from a place called kt95 and all they did was play games all day.


Modern religion is far too anti-materialist, when in reality, physical form can have its advantages and limitations, like a body adapted to work specifically on here. There are places we cannot access as we do not have the bodies to perceive, let alone go to.

My advice is that you explore the entire concept yourself, and regress back into your past when it comes to reincarnations, as you will unlock a well of knowledge, but first you must undo what happened when you drank from the Lethe.


that seems a bit bullshit to me. An archdemon can easily manifest a physical body ( without going into womb ). one thing that I have understood is that every diety, powerful entity , pantheon has their own agenda and humans , mages, prophets are nothing but foot soldiers for them. And nobody TELLS THE COMPLETE TRUTH.

Research on reincarnation yourself. The subject is way more complicated than it seems.


Goku’s got it! :slight_smile:

Everyone always reincarnates to deal with their problems, which is how we know what Nirvana is- some people dealt with the stuff they had to handle in bodies, and moved onto other forms of existence.

‘Returning to source’ is bullshit, because it implies a discontinuous life. Even when the others are trying to help you move on, it isn’t to sleep, but to the next task. People can dissolve their death into nothingness, but that’s something you learn: otherwise you’ll reincarnate until the Sun’s blue if it means fixing your shit! :slight_smile:

Also Azazel isn’t strong enough to have a human body, that’s why he wants one. Of course, forum members and Koettingites would beg to disagree, but that’s one of the reasons being here is so much fun- its like working with your toenail rather than an actual deity; most of what’s called demons are just conmen that got people to believe that they needed them! :slight_smile:

None of the ‘D4rk3st B00kz’ ever tell you that their patrons can be clapped into (non)-existence. It’s funny to watch though. shrugs


:grin: OUCH, man be careful!!!. U may start a war. To be honest, One can get all the things A demon can give just by using one’s Mind, or Using @Qayos magick, to which Bune and Uncle Scrooge are the same, in terms of potency. May be Demons are fake, who knows? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

LOL, love the name

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Well we had this discussion in another thread. Azazel is in many translations of the bible and the book of Enoch.
Mentioned as a Seraphim (highest order) or Shemhazai, even called an Arch Angel.

Some say an aspect of Lucifer.
I’m not a Koettingites but we don’t agree on his status.

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To get back to the OP, I have seen the scary reincarnation trap youtube vids. My opinion is that you go where you need to go. For example my grandfather was helped by his deceased mother when he died. My uncle was called by my granny, his deceased mother to pass over. We sense this because of our gift and because you see them reach out or hear them say mom and they pass away.

If you still have a task on earth you will come back in reincarnation to fulfil this task. And yes I could believe that you grow in your reincarnated lives until you are enlightened or ready to ascend.


So you’re saying reincarnation is the only way to ascend, really? If you don’t get it this lifetime why bother to come back and get it again and be recycled only to never realize your mind is wiped and memories won’t aid you, technically, you can’t keep your mind, it dies with the body. Nobody is going to record all your memories for you even if you ask for it. In my experience life is once lived and never again. I for one do not wish to come back. Once my body lets out that last breath, I am released. Ascension is effect, for me, is a lotta bs. I don’t think it is possible!!
Being in a state of bliss in this life means serving others more than not. Well, that seems wrong too. Why can’t all beings feel blissful just because? Some do morally wrong stuff, so there will be interference, to protect the rest of us servants, etc…? Meh. All this god like ascension stuff is just too way out there for me to accept it literally. It is good to be good. Balance is key. Not too much dark and but not all light as either will get you in hot water, or just make you a slave to it. Control. It is an illusion. We control only what we have power over. That means some have more or less than others. Nothing else. Depends on how you think and how you live and I could just exhaust this subject now but I’m not going there presently.
Sorry for the long wind but I am stuck in what to believe as far as ascension and reincarnation just smells reeky to me. A trickster program to swallow the masses. UGH.

Point in case: law of one

I would like opinions on the above law of one being or idea. Thanks.

Hiya! I read some of that, and it seems like that Ra is talking about the holographic principle, which is that all individual instances contain the blueprints of everything, including themselves, as an inherent quality. IME that’s valid whenever you end up- people look at you funny when ya say that you can make a hurricane out of a spoon, but they don’t realize you can make a spoon out of a hurricane, too! This is how gene expression works, it’s not ‘junk dna’, it’s the other holograms’ programming. :slight_smile:

You also definitely can preserve your memories over lifetimes, everyone has their own Akashic Record somewhere that tracks every detail of their lives, but it’s usually locked away somewhere in the hypothalamus. Believe what you want, but if I see you between lives, I’ll be sure to remind you that I told you so! :slight_smile:

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Hiya! I don’t trust written texts much, and even less of old ones- too many trips and traps to be workable! They’re always deflecting from something, it’s like nobody wants to tell the truth, they just want to tell THEIR truth, which creates a hollow reflection. shrugs

And I’m glad you disagree! Disagreement is healthy for development- you have to challenge your world if you want to surpass it! :slight_smile:

The greatest Azazel-type that isn’t a sock is Cronus, IME, he’s the OG adversary because he went around eating everybody and telling the survivors how to kill him in the same breath. Now that’s a Satan! :slight_smile:


Hi, okay. I don’t believe in Akashic records, they must be kept by someone who knows how to technically access the sound vibrations left behind on earth. I think of it as science, not spiritual or religious. Some humans must be doing this. The hypothalamus can’t be recorded from directly, and sounds are not always generated to allow recording, so this does not compute fully to me. Humans have millions of agendas and factions all contorting to to scratch out their take on the records left by dead people. It can’t be done. Neither scientifically nor accurately in other ways. There will always be some piece missing unless the person in question has enough of the right connections spiritually or personally. For example if you lived and died in a jungle and never had contact with any souls or persons on earth there would thereby be no knowledge you existed so all Akashic records would not really exist would they? Nerves and thoughts are subtle energies, not all can be given words to describe them therefore how can you know it if it is unknowable? Holograms are just an idea. I don’t believe in those either. They are not concrete nor provable. Genes change depending on many factors, including diet and organisms living inside us. We all have fungi etc… messing with our chemistry in real time all the time. 24/7. Meh. I shall now digress. Not intending to argue here but I have more questions than answers myself. :joy:

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Hiya! Disagreement funds discourse, and evolution isn’t something you can not do- you either change, or get changed! So the people that would flak me for it should really think which side of the tides they want to be on, I for one prefer gradual and gentle awakenings to rude and unwanted! :slight_smile: (P.s. radionics blows Goetia out of the water- the trick is you don’t need the machines, but the sigils of the machines!)

I made the term up for people who stick to Koetting and Ko’s magic, and are adamant that it’s the greatest shit you can swallow. Sure, believe what you want! Observations are just that, observations! :slight_smile:

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Hey! If you don’t believe it, you don’t believe it.

Everything’s an Echo. :slight_smile:

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Yep! Everything implies everything else. Now that I can agree with. :joy: :peace:

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My personal belief is that some people will reincarnate (although when is another matter), but those in control of their destiny - those who have ascended - control where they go. Some of us may decide to be reincarnated, some may not.

I don’t believe in post-trickery. In some cases, a psychopomp may be needed to guide a confused or lost spirit where it needs to go. But other than that, we go where we should go.


Nope I’m not saying that. Everyone has another task, so above as below. With or without reincarnation. You ascend on your path. That you don’t have memories of former lives isn’t true. I remember former lives and so do many people. That’s why we got regression therapie.

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I’ve seen what is before being human and before life and even into the future. In my countless thousands of awakenings so far i can say, don’t worry about it.

When one discovers the subconscious one can see all the information from ever/eternity. You are able to project into the past until you see reality through a bloodworm perspective per example.
Reincarnation is just a point of view of the mind, escape that and reincarnation is nothing more than a projection of the self unto another lineage of past humans or animals or plants etc.

And if one decides to die that info will go randomly into a new life. This body is energy, cannot be destroyed, only changed. Is up to us to find the path to immortality or die and be the helper of new life. So the physicality what we call flesh, in reality, has the same potential as any source of energy, the beauty is finding how to keep this going forever.

I know, the majority of human beings have no idea that is possible to be immortal, sounds stupid in today’s society. But think again.

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ppfftt imho regression is bogus, a waste of monies. just a scam to rip people off. go ahead and believe the cons. I never lived before now and I think all people are unique from birth. that’s it. I don’t have a path really. just another goober on planet earth trying to do well enough to live well etc… having spiritual connections is a good thing though, keeps us honest if nothing else. (lets hope) sorry if this sounds downer but it’s how I think about things that matters to me the most. lucky I have a mind to think with, and I’m grateful for it. :v:

Nope, it doesn’t sound like a downer. It is what people get from life. I didn’t get regression therapie. I say it’s there and of course you’ve got mediums/holistic therapy who can see former life experiences from people.

I never been there. My niece is one (holistic), but before I ever talked to her about this, I already knew I was drowned in a former life, always afraid of water (luckily I’ve managed to be less afraid).

And maybe the combination of what you say and I say is true. Like I’ve already said. Reincarnation can happen, but it doesn’t have to. Depends on where you go.

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