Reincarnation & Past Lives

I’ve heard many people claim that they’ve had past life experiences or memories of form incantations. I’ve yet to try out various methods to see if I could recall any of mine: simply because I don’t know how it would be useful.

Yet, ever sense I was a little kid I’ve had people say that I was an Old Soul… Even some of the more Conservative Christian types.

The only experience that I could say could count as a past life memory came to me at a very young age (before I was old enough
for School) in the form of a reocuring dream that eventually raided/petered out by the time I was in first grade.

My Mom told me how one day I told her that I hadn’t always been her “little boy” & had belonged to another family before my current one. I told her I drempt of them sometimes & that they where nice people but look a lot different than anyone I had ever seen knew then. She asked me what they looked like & I just said, “different: sort of mine & Papa,s color (darker) but they weren’t Indians. I see them when I sleep at night, but sometimes it’s hard to remember their faces after I wake up.”
I then looked at her, smiled & gave her a hug & said, “but I’m glad your my Mommy now”.

I still don’t know if it was just a dream or not. But from what I remember about the dream was that they looked Tibetan, before I had ever seen anything on TV or Magazines dealing with anything about Tibet (as I sort of grew up in a cultural bubble up until the age of 11).


We dip in and out of the river. Sometimes we die and become submerged, never to return again; sometimes we die, and spill back out of it. There is no entity or being controlling this that I’ve found or heard of, the River operates of it’s own accord.

Sometimes spirits will tell you. Sometimes it’s an instinct, a ‘knowing’ that you cant shake or explain away.

Deep meditation seems feasible to find out concretely. If you work with spirits, ask them to help show you the way to figuring out your past lives. Regression could cause some memory of… unpleasant things, so just be prepared for that probability.

I wish I could tell you more, since this is a topic I’m very interested in and just recently began to believe in, to be honest.

I know that @Velenos may have some more interesting knowledge to share.

I’m actually not even sure what the question is on this thread lol. I read this thread atleast 3 times and it just seems like they’re just making a statement on their past lives and reincarnation.

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I read it again and you… are… right.

I thought he was asking for methods to learn more about his pastlives, at first. I read wrong or something.

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Sorry: I forgot to ask others to share any knowledge & personal experiences of their own. @Velenos @DormiensDei

Sometimes I’m scattered brained & very forgetful