Reincarnation in the past

I’ve heard from a very reliable source that it was possible to reincarnate in the past. Is it something common? How is that possible and would someone do this by choice? What would be the point of reincarnating in the past? And can you also incarnate in a remote future?


I’m pretty sure you can, time isn’t linear, it’s all happening at once, so their is no past or future, but you can still live what you seems to be the past and future if that makes since. I actually have a book on how to time travel physically, I could send it if you like

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I don’t know if you could recarnate or be reborn in past or future. If a person had knowledge of all of their incarnations then it would appear linear. To their current incarnation it would appear they had a past and a future. I think because time isn’t as linear it may seem like you are going back or forward when you aren’t. Or if you become a god and then incarnate a part of yourself would it be in the past or future? Because as a god you really wouldn’t have a concept of time.

I think as a human there must be a way you could project yourself or part of yourself into the past or future. Then take over someone or somehow see through their eyes. If you really wanted to experience that.

I’m interested in this book also

Oh send it to me too, pleaseeee :smiley_cat:

Matter a fact send me your email

Send me your email

I’m really late here, but do you still have that book? I’d be very interested in reading it.