Reincarnating as a celebrity

Is it possible to reincarnate as a celebrity?

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Why don’t you just try to achieve it now?



I am, I’m only asking to learn, I’m trying not to become a full celebrity, but just a popular music artist, too much fame brings too much trouble

If you are a popular music artist won’t you be known worldwide and have A LOT of fame ?

I put some proposals for that here:

Dying and getting into a new body won’t fix and problems, you’ll be the same person only without any memories or life lessons, better to scrape up all your focus and address them now IMO. :thinking:


Geez I only wanted to know if it was possible I rather be my own celebrity

Or do as I would and request assistance for a certain type of music. The key is to be specific. Don’t ask for fame as a musician then be disappointed when what you meant was “Be the next Eminem.” Spirits will often have your best interests but you need to be clear.