Reiki Attunement within the Universal magick circle?

The Reiki attunement doesn’t tap into the full potential energy because of its highly structured nature. The source energy is more creative, less structured, and perhaps 100-1000x more effective. The source of the energy is Sojobo.

October 22nd is the date of the annual fire festival in Japan, and may be a good time to invoke Sojobo if you’re seeking to bypass the Reiki attunement and connect more directly with the source energies (which are nature-based, mildly contemptuous of Buddhism, have facets of both light and dark, with connections to the Ancient Ones pantheon).

I have a kind of dumb question. I followed your link and saw that this person does Reiki 1 for very reasonable, or even downright cheap rates. 155 bucks

Can this be done over distance? Or does a person need to live in Florida to benefit from the class.

I have watched a course on YouTube but it said attunements needed to be done in person.

I have also seen an Udemy class where they say an attunement made via YouTube is every bit as good as one made in person.

Or can a long distance attunement take place if the person and the teacher have a personal connection (a correspondence, if you will).

If it will work, I will take this ladies class. In fact, I would really like to. I have aches and pains that always need a little help. If it helped with magick a little, that would also be great.

I read some other threads where concerns were expressed about attunement making it harder to be LHP. But the concerns did not seem to be founded on anything concrete and some people spoke up and said they were Reiki masters and it had not hindered their path.

So I assume an attunement to the “light” does not cut you off from the “dark”. It seems to mean that the attunement just won’t further you along the way. So no hindrance but no help. (although being healthy seems like it would be helpful to anyone on any path)

I am kind of hoping somebody will expand on this. I can always call or email the lady in Florida, but probably should not ask her about things like this until I know more.

(I went back to the site, they courses are offerred in a variety of cities in Florida, so it looks like this is done in person) But. I would still like to know about distance attunement, good or bad?

Thank you

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I had my attunement done in person and it was very powerful. I did receive some long distance reiki from a pen pal in Texas before.

But when I think about the two experiences I personally think in person was the most powerful energy exchange and the cost was actually cheaper than what you are stating.

There’s no reason reiki should hinder you on a left hand path…it’s not really dark or light energy it’s source energy or pure energy and how its used is actually up to the person you’re giving it to not even you. As a reiki practitioner you’re just funneling it through thats it

Could you make a suggestion about how to find a Reiki attunement.

I have just been looking on the internet for Reiki classes in my home town and surrounding areas.

Is there another way to find a Reiki class or attunement, like a community center or something.

Most of the Reiki 1 classes go for a low of $200 to about $450 dollars in my area, according to my Google queries, but maybe I am doing it wrong.