Reiki Attunement within the Universal magick circle?

Hey so quick question…

I’ve been learning reiki for the past couple weeks and I’ve decided to get my first attunement this weekend.

I’m wondering if there would be any benefit from being within my universal magick circle while I receive my 1st attunement. Do you think this will charge the circle or provide any benefit for me? Perhaps have the opposite effect?

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No. I don’t see any benefit in using the UC for a Reiki attunement.

The circle’s purpose is evocation. If you purchased a UC from then it is already charged, and there is no need to do anything else beyond binding it to you with a bit of blood.


It might intensify it. But that’s about it.

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Hey congrats on getting your attunement! As someone who’s been through it just stick to the reiki attunment as is it’s really powerful. Something I wish I knew ahead of time but didn’t is that it leaves you feeling wiped and you will have to take care of yourself for awhile afterwards as you adjust. Good luck with everything!

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@anon2593031 I really appreciate the link! Great information to have on hand!

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Can I ask what you thought the benefit might be? Why are you choosing to get a turn to Reiki, just out of curiosity and There is also a darker side to Reiki You could explore if you have any interest in that at all


Can you go into more detail about the dark side of reiki? Do you mean something along the lines of taking energy vs funneling it? Or using it to hurt instead of heal? I’m curious

Well there’s nothing specific, at least no author that I know to date That has put any material together related to dark Reiki. Most of the material that you read today talked about the positive aspects, but it makes sense there’s negative ones too.

Since I have a strong connection with Reiki energy I will combine that with visualization to activate sigils. Just as you would use the power symbol Alternatively you could draw the symbol and energy of the spirit you’re trying to invoke.

Individual symbols are created all the time by practitioners developing their own systems. And it seems to work rather well for me using it with sigils.

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Thanks apprentiz that makes sense. I do that too with sigils. I always activate them using visualization and energy. It’s how I perform a lot of my magick.

@Aprentiz To be honest their isn’t anything specific I thought it would benefit. Just a random thought I had and wanted to see what you guys knew, think or thought in the forum.

I’m mainly attempting to align and balance my chakras. I’ve been trying to better myself spiritually and I also think it would benefit in progressing my magick.

Dark reiki sounds interesting. Never even thought of that aspect.


Well reiki it can be inverted and instead of it than absorb energy - vampire magic. But to start with normal reiki is ok and practice a little till you are prepared for vampire energy work

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In the book essential reiki by diane stein the author talks about a few symbols that were used to do her harm by a so called healer. A word of caution was given to me when i was attuned about certain people who sit in on healing circles or reiki shares just to do harm to others psychically literally for shits and giggles.
Which is why you need to do some research on your teacher before getting attuned by them. Its easier now with social media peole can share info faster.

Dark reiki can be done without being attuned not too sure if it can be after being attuned or even why bother getting attuned to a healing modality only to use it for its adverse purpose.
I heard about a few chaotes back in the day who used the distance symbol to send curses to others with success but they weren’t attuned.

The two basic activation symbols of Cho-ku-Rei cant be used either to push energy or pull energy. Once I activate I have started to use it to open sigils.

BTW in a similar case I believe that, on one hand, we may have a conflict between some different influences; on the other, every thing and creature is an entity and may be summoned. Therefore the Universal Circle would treat the attunement like an evocation; perhaps, indeed, also receiving an additional “charge”.

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Well first someone must learn to Heal others in order to successfully Harm them. The best way is to start on rhp to be successfull in LHP.



I might offer a few helpful tips here. Reiki is already universal energy. Seichim and Reiki are linked but separate systems. Reiki, I have found, is best used as an entirely positive and healing energy. I experimented using it to power other things like sigils and or spells but found it lacking. Usui Reiki is what I would consider pure Reiki and there is a lot of value in focusing on that, particularly for Chakra work.

Seichim on the other hand is what some refer to as Reiki Magick. Most modern Reiki and even Karuna fall way more into this category for me. In Khemitic lineage Seichim or SKHM is one side of the spiritual coin. Heka is more directly linked with Magick and SKHM is linked to the spirit. In fact a way of communicating and directing spirits. This is actually a bit hard to confirm with research currently as so much is behind a paywall. I have been working with Anpu to try and suss more of it out as he is both a master of Heka and Seichim. In any case if you are choosing to use Reiki as a means to power your spellwork or things of that nature I would heavily suggest going this route. Leave Usui purely for what it was originally intended for.

This is not a Karmic scolding or any of that nonsense. This is something I dabbled with personally and have noticed tremendous difference. After my initial experiments trying to use the universal energy as a battery I needed to be attuned again. Like I broke my connection. Seichim however has been an incredible umbrella system. It’s much more favorable for self initiating (though I would suggest finding someone that can attune you to this as well). It’s my personal belief that you can self initiate but it will require much more work and cyclical.

That’s so interesting, How did you loose your connection the Universal Life Force?
The exact opposite happened for me, but I will confess I have not delved into other forms of Reiki.

This statement confuses me a little. I have not experienced a broken connection or the need to be re-attuned. Once you are, you simply are. I think when masters offer a re-attunement it comes more from the angle of a sales pitch.

May I ask how you received your reiki attunements and what level of practitioner you are?

Absolutely. To clarify I didn’t lose my connection to the Universal Life Force but definitely my ability to tap into it. Kinda felt like being a bird with a crippled wing. I remembered what it was like to fly but when I tried I just couldn’t get the same results.

Now the reason this is debatable. My wife is the person who attuned me and is a certified Instructor and incredibly talented in many facets. She is actually the one who told me something was wrong and decided to re-attune me after Morrigan told her to. Which is it’s own interesting story. Anyway she believes the first attunement didn’t take, largely due distractions or a block. This makes sense to me but my intuition tells me that there was more to it. Like charging a battery with the terminals reversed. It may not make practical sense but when I really think about it, that’s what I get.

When she reattuned me she added a few more symbols and also a full attunement to Seichim. The difference was palpable. I still have a lot of work to get where she is especially on the healing side. However, I have started walking my own path and discovering a lot of connections. Here’s an experiment to try. There is a sigil for shadow work (Ra ta Rio). I tried it using different energies and hand placements. Considering it’s all about the self I used my ring and middle fingers together to draw it and imagined infusing my Seichim with my black flame. Holy shit was that a success.

Cool thanks for clarifying and am super happy to hear you having success with that symbol and integrating it with your black flame :slight_smile:

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