Regurgitating journal

This is just a journal of my work with spirits, good music, and other stuff :+1:


This is kind of an old story, but I figured I’d share it cause it’s one of my favorites. A few months ago, I went to the store to go buy some pokemon booster packs. I had already picked out a few and I kept getting this unshakeable feeling that Azazel wanted me to pick the third booster pack in the evolutions set. I attempted to ignore it ( I thought it was just me telling myself to get it, not Azazel ) but the feeling kept persisting. So I bought it and opened it once I got home. Well when I opened it I ended up getting a venusaur EX, and I heard Azazel say “you’re welcome.” I ended up thanking him by leaving out some food.

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So last night I did a ritual or pact for Azazel. I don’t even know what I would call it :sweat_smile: but anyway, I’ve been talking to Azazel about art and my goals. He said he could help me out with it, but I’d have to draw him a symbol in my own blood. I was a little hesitant about this, and spent a week or two trying to decide if I should do it. I finally decided to go through with it, and I drew him the symbol. I’ve gotta admit though, my creativity has gone through the roof! Thank you Azazel :grin:

I was talking to King Paimon and instantly felt like he wanted me to play this song for him.

I’ve been feeling super weird lately. It’s really difficult to describe, but the best way I can put it is that I’ve been feeling like I have out of body experiences while I’m awake. Also, Azazel has been hanging around a lot more lately. A few days ago I kept feeling like Azazel was with me and I’d occasionally shift to his point of view. I think the coolest part is that when I did get to his pov, everything turned super saturated for a few moments.

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Oh my god the same thing has happened to Me! That’s crazy wow. It’s so great to hear others having the same experience. Azazel is amazing. Hail Azazel. Wonderful.

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Damn dude, I’m glad to know others are experiencing the same thing! :grin: Azazel is awesome af haha

My creativity has been really great so far. Azazel is helping me out with a cartoon idea I have, so I’ve been coming up with lots of monsters, gods, etc.

Has anyone else been feeling hella weird lately? I’ve noticed that the spiritual activity in my home has increased and Azazel feels different. It doesn’t feel like an impostor or anything, but he just feels more… lifelike? It’s hard to describe it, but his energy feels so much more stronger, almost like he were actually there. He’s also been manifesting more on his own, so I’ve been seeing figures at times.