Regular protection and discretion is a must

This post is to detail some of my struggles with magick and to serve as a reminder to myself on what I’ve had to overcome and the lessons I’ve learned. I’m still no expert and I am learning everyday, but there have been some major takeaways to date. The biggest two lessons I’ve learned is to never let my guard down and to practice discretion.

My magick wasn’t working. I would practice meditation, perform ancient rituals and call upon spirits without manifesting results. Although there was some evidence that the rituals were successful, I had not seen any results even though I pushed out all thoughts of lust for results and replaced them with visualizations of achievement, at least on a conscious level. There was some sort of issue and I was determined to get to the bottom of it.

To this date I can’t say that I’m exactly sure what was going wrong but I can tell you what I’ve assumed, and that is there are people who are working against me and I wasn’t protecting myself well enough. There was an intentional effort to weaken or completely dissipate the strength of my magick. And what’s worse is that I didn’t have any protection in place to counter those measures. Sure, I’d perform a protection ritual before proceeding to summon a spirit, but I didn’t protect myself adequately on a daily basis. I later learned this was the equivalent of living in a sketchy neighbourhood and only locking your doors once every few weeks. When the doors to the spirit world are open it’s critical to always ensure adequate protection on a daily basis. It’s just as important as locking your car doors and guarding your home, even if you live in a nice neighbourhood. And if you can afford to do so, it would be even smarter to additionally install a comprehensive security system.

I can’t say that I know who I think was blocking my magick but whenever I meditate on the subject and ask my spiritual alliance for information, the thought of this forum appears in my head over and over. Maybe there was someone on here that didn’t like me, or didn’t like what I was working on and was working against me. Or maybe it was the person I was putting a spell on who was subconsciously fighting against my magick, or it could be their ancestors and surrounding spirits. I don’t know for sure and truthfully it didn’t matter much. What was important is that I protected myself and overcome the obstacles so that I could finally achieve results.

I’ve built an alliance and learned endless protection methods then created some of my own. I learned how to deflect attacks and mirror them back to the attacker. I set reminders to perform these rituals on a daily basis. I learned different methods of protecting myself against unruly spirits including torture if absolutely necessary. I surrounded myself with charged amulets ready at my disposal for immediate use. And most notably I learned the importance of remaining discreet.

I learned it’s not a smart idea to announce the specific methods used to protect yourself as this can serve as a blueprint to your attacker. It’s like telling them where you hide your spare keys and the combination you picked to dismantle your security system. I love sharing helpful tips with others, but I will be cautious of sharing the methods which I use personally going forward. Instead, I will write them down and have them shared after my death so that they cannot be used against me while I am alive. Additionally, it is not the best idea to announce which spirits you intend to work with. Especially when your project is highly controversial.

For example, let’s consider this hypothetical situation: you have an issue with someone called Mike and you intended to have Mike beat up. However, Mike was much stronger than you and you needed aid. So, you decide you’ll get Billy (who is stronger than Mike) to help you kick Mike’s ass. It would be much smarter to show up with Billy unannounced and finish the deed as a surprise and the job would be done before Mike knew what hit him. This wouldn’t give Mike the opportunity to plan a resourceful defence against you and Billy. If you would instead announce it to Mike for weeks that you’re going to get Billy involved to help you, what you’re doing is leaving a window for Mike to approach Billy and try to bribe them willingly into switching sides. Or worse, it could present Mike the opportunity to blackmail and unwillingly extort Billy if they had the opportunity to do so. Mike could also find someone stronger than Billy to join them. By announcing your aid, you give your opponent the opportunity to defeat you. Therefore discretion is an absolute must when it comes to controversial magick or protection.

Both people and spirits can change their loyalty over time and it’s important to remember that you won’t always be the highest bidder. Be prepared to adapt to changes and remain vigilant. I’m grateful to my alliance for the hardships and lessons I’ve learned and eventually having earned my magickal freedom after paying handsomely. Now I’m still a novice mage and I don’t take this freedom for granted, but I’ve seen some spectacular results since learning these lessons and making the necessary changes. I’ll leave this post here so I can always look back and never forget what I’ve learned.


Some golden rules of a good horror movie in my opinion:

  • don’t show your monster too soon
  • don’t show your monster too often

I think it is okay to show some kind of consistency in your habits (for example always hanging out with Billy so Mike would think that you would make use of Billy at some point against him when you’ve actually sent Bob on his case already. Or not. Who knows, the main thing is that nobody does except for you.). I’ve made the best experiences with discretion about what I’m fully up to in my practice after I’ve learned the hard way that the opposite will get your ass kicked eventually.

Thanks for this post.


Hello! Have you found that the turnaround rate for your manifestations has accelerated once you began implementing regular protection?

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Astral defenses are helpful but there’s no better armor than high self-worth on the soul level. I’m with you. Regular practices which build up the armor of righteousness (adequacy and deservedness) are necessary all day long. Protection and defense is often neglected by new people, because they haven’t made any opponents yet. You’ll piss off someone badly enough one day and have your self-defense skills and mechanisms challenged, and that’s the day you find out who you really are inside.

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