Regular college education

Just a curious question.

I am wanting to begin regular college courses. but, kinda find that ‘Magickal study’ is something i will have to cut way back on ‘Magicakl study’ to keep my chronic ‘polymath-osis’ from getting in my way.

Is there anyone for whom their magickal work has hieghtened their ‘mundane’ study.

my desired direction is ‘Death Investigation’ . I am a Forensic Autopsy lover, spent years at it after my Mortuary Science schooling.


Hey man, that sounds like a very cool profession you’re in! Also I can relate to the “polymath-osis”, it’s very apropos. :joy:

What works for me, when learning new skills, etc. is autosuggestion + hard work. I recite my autosuggestion mantra several times daily, infuse my food and drink with the wish, and also put in the work for what my goal is. (Among other personal achievements, this method helped me do handstands in a matter of a few months when previously I couldn’t do any).

You’re right that college studies will conflict with magical studies. Sacrifices must be made but it need not be either-or. So now we’re talking about time management. Maybe an auto-suggestion formula that helps you harmonize and/or balance your time so that you can ace college plus have time to enjoy magical pursuits? That’s the avenue I’d try at least, an autosuggestion that creates a path of least resistance. Especially because college will be a marathon not a sprint.

Also, a non-magical but amazing time management tool that I use to great effect is the Bullet Journal

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