Regret something magically

Hello everyone,

A time ago I did some things I’m not proud of, but sadly expressing emotions is hard for me when it comes to regret.

But I really want to make sure that all the possible magical forces demons etc are aware of the fact that I regret that and if I could I would do it back,

So is there a way to magically regret something? Like show your regret with magic?

Umm I think just show rather than tell? It seems like you think you need their approval which, going by what I’ve heard from most of the accomplished practitioners here, is a sure fire way to get ignored. Be comfortable with yourself and understand that you are the one true source of power for yourself. However seeing as i haven’t actually practiced anything other than remote energy work i would ask someone like @Mephisto @Lux_Tenebris or pretty much Any other regular as they mostly all have expertise

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You can feel like this because I did something “bad” regarding magic so that’s why.

Regarding other things I’m never worried, like I’ve committed tax fraud for several times and would never connect this to my magical workings.

Right thats what I mean you don’t need to do anything lol. You don’t need to apologize for anything you did unless you personally insulted them

It’s not personally I can’t explain because it’s complex but let’s say for example, I told someone that I will help him with magic, then I don’t.

Does this count as insulting magical forces?

(This isn’t the case but a good example)

It was longer than 5y ago it’s already expired so it’s fine, it was just an example that generally I never worry about things that the “world” takes as a negative task

What you can do to make yourself feel better and be able to leave this behind, you can help someone else magickally and do it right this time.
It can help you move on and not feel guilty anymore, and it shows your regret.

  • or whatever it was that you regret. Do it again, and do it right.

No lol. Besides you’d have to work hard to “insult the magickal forces” lol. There are so many and none of them care enough about some random guy to get offended. Just be respectful when you work with entities. Remember that you are the most powerful being!


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there is not a lot of detail to go over, but your past is your past. You can’t really ignore what you did, but you can come to terms with your past and move on. That’s growth and growth is basically the whole point of this journey.

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If its with a person, apologize if they know about it or will hear you out. Basically, all we can really tell you is let it go, forgive yourself and move on. But be better. Because there is no point in regretting what you did or moving on if you repeat what you did.

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Sadly it’s not a person, would been easy.

Let’s say In a methafor, I was stealing from the “poor” (not financially) and now I am the same poor as they were.

And this “stealing” involved my knowledge about magic, that’s why I asked on this forum.

Everyone has an once a life “I was young I needed the money thing” well this is mine.

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Again, not many details. However, the point still stands. Your life is what you make it to be. Therefore, there are many options for you. You choose to repeat this cycle, or you can choose to overcome it and become better and be better. Even if I knew the details you’d still hear me say move on and grow from it. We have all done things we are not proud of and no one here is perfect. The difference lies in what we chose to do after we fell down from the saddle.

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Well congratulations you have programmed your subconscious into a state of scarcity, based on what I have read, and now you have to reprogram it (taking something without paying for it translates into you are too poor/unworthy to afford it from a psychological standpoint). It will take some time but you will be fine, use self hypnosis or other means to resolve this.

Also why would you ever take from somebody that is in a worse state then you are? You are just absorbing their emotional/energetical charge.

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Well after “I got into the same shoe” I immediately stopped this activity, and would never do it again.

And it’s also not like a daily worry or anything like obsessive shaking all day about how I regret it, that’s the point of this thread that I feel like I didn’t regret it enough, I just closed this activity and that’s it. But since it was an anonymous kinda thing there isn’t a way to do anything about like say sorry to anyone.

That’s why I opened this thread whether there is a way “magically” to express regret to those whom were the “victims” of mine.

And yea I feel like I’ve over come it, because
1, I see it as a horrible thing (so would never do again)
2, the only thing I want is to achieve complete piece regarding this topic

Well based on this thread, maybe but In life I would not say it, let’s say I’m a politician and the tax you pay, I stole it and buy a yacht from it.

Does my subconscious programmed to be poor and worthless? Don’t think so.

Generally speaking yes, but you also have to consider how you were raised, in which culture you were raised and what values have been imbedded into you. Thats the whole paradigm of “Know Thyself” use the subconscious to your advantage not your disadvantage. Also regarding your example, institutions are in place that prevent such thing from happening but to elaborate such things happen but the politicians don´t use your tax money but lobbyist money. The key is that they perform a task for it (change a law in the corporations favor etc.) and thus are worthy of the reward.

With all due respect, but this sound like you say if someone plans to rob an old lady for days, spending 10s of hours to plan the robbery, then it’s all good because there are work done for the stolen goods.

If you did something which now feels wrong for you, then do something related to make it right, to show that you truly regret it. And if you can, not just to the level you did it then, but much more.

@ Ancient-
You’ve gotten some great advice here considering you’re still speaking in hypotheticals and analogies.You’re only going to get so far when speaking in this way…