Regarding the Christian Satan and Antichrist ✝️

so I’m watching just for kicks Stephen Anderson on YouTube don’t get me started on him makes WBC God hates fags church look friendly… anyway they keep babbling on about the false prophet Antichrist aka Satan who tricks man by performing miracles and becoming a political leader… now knowing Satan aka Lucifer I know him as a God of pure light and darkness one who cares about his followers and protects us there is nothing evil or trickery about him however for fun sake let’s say the Antichrist is real who would be a likely candidate when is he going to rise in power and how would the occult respond if this did happen…


In mastering evocation course EA Koetting says:,I thought I was one of the 13 antichrists ruling this world’’,when he was in Vegas working with Lucifer and his worshipers,so there may be 13 antichrists in the world


Maybe were all antichrists because we all do our own things abd give a fuck about church… so in the eyes of the church we all are antichrists probably haha :joy:


If there are 3 antichrists it would be cool to have one of them.EA Koetting said that he left it because demons asked for his soul and said that they would give him all the power if he gave himself up

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Years ago I was at the first public screening in Australia of Omen III: The Final Conflict. In their own way the original Omen trilogy were OK. And Sam Neil was so suave.

Read The Apocalypse According to Saint John the Divine (Revelation). When impotent, Old Numb Nuts returns it’s as psychopath. And the Book of Revelation just goes to prove that mental illness has always existed, either that some real hard drug abuse. And all that spaced out stuff abut Donald and Goofy passing through the eye of a needle or their own fundament or something.

Two thousand years of Jesus should be more than enough for any healthy stomach! I’m with the Anti-Christ! I am the Anti-Christ!

Look at turds like Benny Hinn, John Hagee or that strumpet herself, protege of the Whore of Babalon - Paula ‘let me straddle your mouth’ White. Just don’t look for too long or you won’t be able to keep your dinner down! Sick and creepy fuckwits like George E. Vandeman, Herbert W. Armstrong and his reprobate son, Garner Ted. The list is endless like a stain through history. The rank hypocrite, suffering and misery of the rhp knows no bounds. How could the Anti-Christ be any worse?

P.s. Almost forgot to mention that Danny DeVito is the Anti-Christ.


are you on drugs I am concerned for your mental health


Can we volunteer? Caused I’d totally volunteer myself. Lol. Nobody would ever expect it to be me. Everyone thinks that I’m a good Christian girl even though I dropped Christianity like a hot potato as a kid.

Otherwise. I want to say Pope Francis gets to be the antichrist :stuck_out_tongue: lol


Pssssh, Al is what our mental health should aspire to. Inebriation is just a tool of the trade my friend, no need for worry


There have been plenty of leaders throughout the millennia who could have fit the role of “antichrist”. In the bible mythology they are supposed to claim they’re the son of God reincarnated. From an occult standpoint, we’re all sons and daughters of god/source/whatever, so some guy standing up and proclaiming he is one wouldn’t be all that shocking; the occult reaction would probably be “good for you”. If he was capable of performing great magical feats (miracles) then I for one would be hoping that he publishes his methods so that others could take their own magic to the next level as well.


Yeah,like Nero,Genghis Khan,Stalin,Hitler,Napoleon,etc…I thin that we all may be antichrists ruling over this world and yes,we all are gods,perhaps Antichrists are sorcerers who rule over their own worlds.In Islamic mythology Dajjal is the name of the antichrist and he can do anything exept heal his eye which is gone and cannot be restored.He is omnipotent.And so are we.Sorcerer can do anything thru a spell or a spirit,anything,so in a way we are the Antichrists.THE GODS OF THIS WORLD


Me nibba

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What means Antichrist? A guy who opposes Jesus?


Yeah basically

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HAHAHA! Im not the only one who sensed that?? I saw that even when i was a 6 yr old :joy::joy:


E.A Talked about the anticrist in his latest live stream it was towards the end


who asked for his soul?

Demons…He didn’t say specific names…Go watch Mastering Evocation course,that part with Lucifer’s worshipers and Las Vegas was in the first part.

The triad are the anti-Christ. Mammon hungry Religion/Coorporations/Governments. It’s all $$$$$.

Pretty bad when people say they’d love to have more hardware in their bodies and automatic pay/algorithms doing stuff they don’t want to do; just so they can play or be lazy.

Generally, I don’t care. Maybe a planetoid will crush the planet. Finite life is finite; worrying about apocalypse is just stupid and a control mechanism to keep people scared.

I asked hi the question but he said that it would take too long to answer @Huginn

I can actually tell you quite a bit about all this and the Revelation et al, after all to a certain extent it is my ‘job’ to let you understand.

The ‘devil’ will not necessarily possess a politician at all. Those that think a politician has the necessary qualities just because they are a politician is misunderstanding the Revelation. You see the Revelation and apocalypse is a global phenomena. The Beast of the ocean represents dictatorship of which there are seven types. Political (you would call this communism) - Military (you would call this fascism) Theological - Gender - Speceality (you call this race)- Economic - Monarchical. These are the seven heads. The ocean represents GLOBALITY ie the majority of the world (75% of the worlds surface Is ocean), you cannot translate the revelations without knowing the concept of majority. The first form of state governance of a primitive organism be it predator or herbivore is dictatorship of sorts. IE the pride of lions is a dictatorship, the flock of sheep, the herd of cattle, all have one leader who rules by physical dominance - THUS beast, the crowns the heads wear represent hegemony - ergo, dictatorial hegemony that controls the MAJORITY of the world. IT IS THIS that the devil will eventually control. There is only one type of dictatorship that could possibly become a global one, that is economic and it IS already in place.

The devil will possess a person of the hegemony of the global economic dictatorship. 380 families own over 70% of the worlds wealth, these are the hegemony of the dictatorship. The British royal Family is one of the 370. It is the most likely (and I would suggest that I am the worlds expert on understanding the teachings of Jesus - Seriously…!) IMHO that the person that will become possessed by the ‘devil’ is William. He fits in so many ways - He comes from nothing (he is not a prince he is merely the SON of a prince, it is his father that is next in line ergo if he gets the throne he comes from nothing. (you see the bible is all about metaphysical position, this is extremely important to understand. It is a metaphysical text in truth, not a theological one. It is also suggested that he has no desire for the ladies, BOTH Williams children are IVF. I know all about the principal that some ladies cant have children, but Kate Middleton IS NOT ONE OF THEM. A bloke that marries that needs to procreate with his spouse via IVF, as if he has NO DESIRE for the feminine gender.

You see the devil as William will go onto become the king of the world, it is all to do with the beast of the land. The devil hides by association to virtuousness, in other words he will convince you that he is a good guy and this is where the beast of the land comes into play. You see Judaism is the whore of Babylon RIDING the beast of the ocean into global domination in the form of an economic dictatorship, although they are not actually aware nor believe this is possible. The beast of the land is Islam, and this is where The devil in the form of William will fool you into believing he a good guy. Islam will rise in Europe and take over, watch Turkey become more and more belligerent as Islam rises in power in Europe. The government of Britain, what they already are programming you to believe is the UK, will collapse as Islam riots and overruns this country, they are cowardly and perverse to Christian democratic capitalism. IT IS AT THIS POINT that William will speak out against Islam and ‘rally’ the troops so to speak. In the USA there will be a Jewish president at this time and both the US and UK and others will go to war against Islam in Europe and the world, Islam will be crushed and William will become the global monarch, re-implementing ‘divine rights of kings’. You cannot imagine nor use history to allude to what a global king will mean, for it wont be a ‘king’ (bad enough as it is) BUT it will be THE DEVIL.

By the time the devil gets here though it will be already too late. No solutions can be implemented. I had how can I say, a communication with an entity some time ago and am of the opinion that the spirit that possesses the person whom goes onto become the ‘beast of the land’ IS ALREADY HERE ON EARTH. As for the devil I do not know, but William is my favourite candidate. This is one of the reasons that we need to abolish monarchy - it is dictatorial and of the beast…!

If you have any questions then ask away - if you want to criticize - go ahead I couldn’t give two cahoots, my job is merely to LET you understand - This I have done and to the glory of the most high.