Regarding rum,whiskey

Even though rum and whiskey is used in voudan, does one have to drink it… I have a medical thing where alcohol may injure me

Can there be substitutions?


You don’t have to drink it if you’re offering. Sometimes an entity will ask you to drink it so they can enjoy it through you, but that’s more intimate. You don’t have to though.


As an offering, you are to give it. Leave a glass of whiskey, for the Lwa, and they will partake of it, may even end up drinking it, knowing what they can be like.

You will not be expected to partake of the sacrament, unless possession is involved. And that case, is an entirely different story.


Yes, and you don’t have to drink it if you offer it, or, (because a lot of people read this forum that don’t post) if you simpky cannot have alcohol in the house, other things like good coffee or tea, or herbal infusions, gem water, will also work.

They understand our physical bodies are amazing machines, but that we have limitations. :+1:


Hi @Lady_Eva, or others what do you think of a cigar. Smoke during invocation or just offer it?

By the way with me it depends on the ritual. Evocation I offer drinks, invocation you can drink it if you want a communion.

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