Regarding poppets

I’ve decided to experiment with some poppet magick (nothing malicious). I do want to know if I can burn the poppet when done or will this harm the target?

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When ive used wax poppets,melting them down in fire, throwing the remnants to running water or at a crossroads is how i usually end them. I have only used them in baneful work, and burning them concluded the work (with no additional harm) - that was the intent behind the burning - the fire to strip the poppet of the link i had formed and burn away any further influence. I think intent behind the act is key.


If it is non Baneful, I keep the poppet under my Bed for as long as I require to influence the target. To end the link after the request is fulfilled it is good to burn it and state no harm to the target, just the severance of the link.

If the link is still required, I would bury it in a woodland area. For Baneful, I chuck it into a sewer or cover it in Dog shit and send it in a bag to the local dump.


I honestly feel like it depends on your intent when you burn it. If the intent is simply to be done with the working, I don’t see any issue with burning it. I usually just dump stuff in the trash, but the traditional thing to do would be to burry it, drop in a river/creek (moving water) or to leave it at a crossroads, depending on what you were hoping to accomplish.

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Nice I like this :ok_hand:t3::fire:

Shit (no pun intended) I’m gonna try this one day when someone really pisses me off XD

For a love Poppet, I guess the creek sounds a lot better. For baneful I can see the trash being very beneficial

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