Regarding pentacles

After the move, I plan on constructing talismans. My particular concerns are protection (especially from covid but also during travels), opportunities for wealth, and also fortune in social situations. So essentially I’m looking at Mars and Jupiter, maybe Venus.

My question is this. Some pentacles list several different benefits. Do you have to choose from among them?

Choose pentacle design that is most relevant to your situation. I used before double pentacles, like mercury-jupiter for money or sun-mars for health and invigoration… One side you consecrate one pentacle on the other side other one, of course when you choose one-sided talismans.

Some words or symbols on pentacles are suitable for specific results, but what makes your talisman works is your clear intention and will impregnated in talisman.

The 2nd pentacle does 4 different things.

Focus on thing you need most