Regarding Michael Ford And Luciferianism

I personally think that he’s doing a great job within his field, even though we may not fully agree on specifics. I’m trying to get him on Interviews With A Magus, although he’s extremely busy right now. If anyone has a direct line to him, feel free to nudge him to come on! He and I could have a killer conversation!

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As a note: I’m reading through Ford’s “Dragon of the Two Flames” right now, and I’m extremely impressed. He’s actually answered a lot of my questions about some specific demonic attributes and associations that I wasn’t able to find anywhere else.

If you want to learn about the Ancient Gods that are now called Demons, this is a genius book!

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He does indeed “know his shit” esp. when it comes to the ancient Mesopotamian gods…he just doesn’t write as clear and straight forward as you do EA. But he definitely seems well informed and intelligent.

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I really enjoyed this lecture. I hope you can get him for interview with a Magus! That would be a conversation worth hearing!

I’ve definitely invited him on, so just awaiting a reply.

He’s more than welcome to do an interview with us, but I have mixed feelings about him, and I actually doubt he’ll do it.

As far as I can tell, he’s more a researcher of the occult, than a practicing magician. His books are filled with academic symbology, mythology, history, etc, not technical instruction.

E.A. is boots on the ground, in the trenches magick, whereas Michael is ivory tower occultism.

My gut tells me he will NOT do an interview, and probably won’t even dignify a reply.

I’ll let you speculate why he wouldn’t want to be interviewed by one of the most experienced sorcerers on the planet. (Even though EVERYONE wants him to do it)

Who’s a sheep? I didn’t know sheep could type. Any sheep on here kindly raise their hooves cuz I’m sure there’s a scientist willing to pay a lot of money to study you. Timothy gave an honest contrast based on his opinion. Now here’s mine. Micheal Ford is perceived by some to be an academic or as some would say “armchair” Magician. I see nothing wrong with this. Armchair magicians are to magick what theoretical physicists are to physics. They come up with ideas much like their physical counterparts and guys like EA who are more likened to applied physicists put those ideas into action and see if they work or not. Not saying that applied physicists or magicians for that matter don’t think for themselves but sometimes when you’re in the thick of it all you don’t always see everything around you and the outside perspective of the guy in the armchair looking at your work can prove useful at times. I have a few friends that sit in the armchair and I’ve even caught myself doing it a time or two. I don’t see it as a bad thing. Granted the guy applying magick is bound to have more fun and gain a greater experience, (plus I like applying it myself) but I see both as having a mutual purpose of understanding that can be equally beneficial in the study of magick.


Wow lot’s of hostility on the forum as of late. Anywho…my two cents.

There’s no point in pitting scholarly research against practicing a working magickal system, as these are not mutually exclusive concepts. One merely supplements the other.

As to why Mr. Ford will or will not do an interview. It probably has to do with money, time and scheduling. I’d hate to think that ego would play a role in his decisions, but I guess it’s possible. I’m not sure what kind of occultist he is other than my limited encounters with his works. I’ve enjoyed his interviews and what I’ve read so far in Dragon of the Two Flames. I like his Luciferian philosophy and practical application of ancient religion into modern life. As for working his rituals, I cannot speak to that as I practice magick exclusively from Book of Azazel, supplemented with other works. What EA offers is a practical step by step method that put me in direct contact with an ancient intelligence and primordial power. AZAZEL. “merely saying his name draws him close”. I remember EA only charging me $60 for Book of Azazel. What a great value! I wouldn’t part with that book for less than $500, and I’d still have hesitation.

Oh, has there been another interview with a Magus since S.Connolley? I subscribed but haven’t seen anything lately.


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Why not just come out and say why you don’t think he’ll do it?

Speculation can take us to many different conclusions all or none of which could be correct.

  1. He’s too busy with his own projects, and magickal order.
  2. He wants paid more than your willing to offer.
  3. He doesn’t take E.A. or BALG seriously and wants his name in no way associated with either.
  4. He’s fearful that he’ll be somehow exposed as a fraud.
  5. He owes E.A $5 from that time he forgot his wallet at Starbucks and is dodging him.
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To clarify I wasn’t trying to sound hostile. I was making a small joke because honestly I don’t think anyone on here could rightly be called a sheep. Some of us agree and some of us don’t on a lot of different things but I can hardly think of anyone here as cute fluffy naive cattle. lol

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Although I only "lurk" in here from now on, i felt like Tims Rhetorical should have a reply as im not any sheep blindly moving through the darkness and accepting whatever the new god creed should be. I'll leave that bit for everyone to speculate on its inherent meaning.

I like that you hang out here, and I still hope you lead the Mastering Evocation study group.

But I don’t speculate, so feel free to say what you really mean.

I agree with Tim concerning Michael's academic stance in the occult(for lack of a better word) but I could care less whether he practices or not. The key is knowledge and how it could be employed within any framework of magickal practice.

I personally think it does matter, because all the superstition, fear-mongering, and misinformation plaguing the field of magick comes from armchair theorists who only rehash other people’s writing in their own way.

(Every book I read on demonic evocation still tells me that all demons are angry evil entities who want to slit my throat, and I need to chain them to a triangle so I can dominate them - all of that, of course, is complete nonsense, mostly)

For the last thousand years, the occult world has been one giant recycling bin of the same old ideas being spun around in circles, without any forward progress whatsoever.

Now to be fair, E.A. was telling me on the phone that he’s impressed by Michael’s new book because it revealed interesting research into historical views of demons.

That’s cool, but knowing one civilization called a demon “BLAH” while another called it “BLEH” is, in the end, totally useless.

For example, knowing my name Timothy used to be spelled Tymothy is not of any practical value for me.

It’s a historical curio at best.

And I’m not ridiculing, insulting, or demeaning any of Michael’s work. I’m simply making an important distinction, as many readers fall into a trap of thinking that studying historical research is the same as practicing magick.

Does studying war history make you are a courageous warrior?

working together to achieve ultimate knowledge is the goal, and not placing ourselves in small groups of "us against them"

I totally agree. In fact, being open to anyone regardless of initiation level, location, or genetics is our core policy here at Become A Living God.

But my instincts tells me Michael is engaging in this “separatism” you referenced, and hence won’t be joining us.

On a personal note, I have been very saddened and disappointed by the closed-mindedness and egotism inside the magick community at large, with the exception of BALG. Many notable occult authors we have contacted do not have any interest in helping a movement of people to succeed.

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You bring up good points Timothy as always. But I think it’s more closed mindedness than separatism. We’re still a fairly new force in the community just barely over a year old in terms of the activity level. I think it comes more down to people are waiting to see if we can stand the test of time and really bring something good to the table. They pride themselves on their “credibility” so they’re probably gonna be choosy at first. Not to mention I haven’t seen many occult authors do interviews and they might feel put off with the idea of being put in a hot seat. Give them time and I’d be willing to venture that they’ll want in on this as much as we do once the movement really gets going. It’s a stretch but it’s not the first time I’ve seen hard nosed experienced practitioners reject something only to come around once it proves itself.

Yeah a lot of people do tend to cling to negative demonic stereotypes and I think that’s gonna be one of the major groundbreaking points that BALG is going to be known for. It’ll turn heads more and more over the years to come. It’s already proven that much just by having them reject or ignore an offer to be interviewed. I think they’re waiting.

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I agree Kitari, not only other authors but practioners of the grimoire tradition tend to turn their nose up at E.A. and BALG. They see the name and instantly assume E.A. is selling some pipe dream illusion that we think we’ll turn ourselves into some kind of otherworldly beings who want rule the world. It’s hard for them to grasp the concept of becoming the god of your own life, to make magic a tool and force to make your life what you want it to be. They assume you have to align yourself with the demonic, sell your soul or make a pact to work from E.A.'s material. Which immediately lets you know they either haven’t read it or can’t understand it (or don’t want to).

As BALG progresses we’ll see how the views change. I think it will take a long time before it is accepted by the mainstream magick community. The fact that E.A.'s methods are easily accessible to new magicians is another aspect that the long standing magic community doesn’t agree with. They think you should have to work for years upon years to be ready to evoke a spirit. Once the new magicians here have worked through the materials and can show the results they’ve been able to achieve will be the proof needed…and even then there will be many who will deny the results.

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So true are the words spoken before me. That’s exactly the feeling I got when speaking to a couple of more experienced practioners. One was a bit closed minded and the other open minded but I truly did get a sense that both are keeping their ears open as to what will transpire here. Once more people hear about what some of us are doing I believe people will be stepping forward to see what’s behind the door and only to find that the door was always open for them.

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@Timothy - well said…
"I personally think it does matter, because all the superstition, fear-mongering, and misinformation plaguing the field of magick comes from armchair theorists who only rehash other people’s writing in their own way.

(Every book I read on demonic evocation still tells me that all demons are angry evil entities who want to slit my throat, and I need to chain them to a triangle so I can dominate them - all of that, of course, is complete nonsense, mostly)"

Even within the LHP, we read demons are evil. From my experience they are power. Neither good nor evil. Just like fire and electricity. I’m sure we’ve all heard that comparison.

By the way…If you want to read about evil, read the Old Testament. Then tell me that is not a blood thirsty god. I don’t remember Astaroth ever asking me for my first born. Just saying.

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Timothy wrote: "That’s cool, but knowing one civilization called a demon “BLAH” while another called it “BLEH” is, in the end, totally useless.

For example, knowing my name Timothy used to be spelled Tymothy is not of any practical value for me.

It’s a historical curio at best."

My reply:

If we were only talking about the names of the entities and nothing else, you’d be completely correct.

But, what if the only information I had about you was written and spoken by your enemies? I have two options: I can dig deeper into your past to discover who you really are, and I can contact you directly to ask you about yourself.

Both are vital, especially when digging deep into not the “how” but the “why” of the demonic. However, I do believe that in the end, direct contact is the best route, and the only route if you want to make this useful in any way, which is why I push evocation so hard.

However, if I use ONLY the easily-accessed information about, say, Beelzebub, and take that into an evocation, I’m going to get nothing other than the Catholic egregore of that demon. However, if I trace it back to Ba’al Zebub, Ba’al Muian, and Zabibu, then I can actually evoke this most ancient god.

This falls into the Preparatory Immersion stage of the elementary principles of evocation, which is essential to the evocation.

So, it is a bit more than a matter of historical curiosity.

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“I was lucky enough to have a spare 500.00 around to purchase his EE hardcover on ebay. Thats quite the amount for a - excuse my language - fucking book. While Michael Ford has his books readily available to all, EA threw a curve ball and stated - “NO soup for you!!!” - those who could buy the books are good while those without - fuck them.”

Did I say “no soup for you?” No, I actually said, “Here’s ALL my ‘fucking books’ in one for an amazing fucking price! Come and fucking get it!” And everyone who wanted one got one. In fact, I made it so you could get ALL of my books except The Spider for less than what you paid for 1 fucking book.

And then, seeing that a lot of people still wanted my books but for whatever reason couldn’t get a copy of the Complete Works, Timothy and I created a poll to see how people here would feel about releasing these in e-book format - the most accessible book format to date, and one that would allow us to dramatically reduce the price of these books even more because of the lower cost of product creation and manufacture. Overwhelmingly, we were asked to put these fucking e-books out, and so that’s something we’re looking at.

Also, a good portion of my time and effort in BALG is for absolutely free content. Of course, I do hope that the free content is good enough that you’ll want to purchase the even better paid content, but if you want to take the free stuff and leave it at that, that’s fine too.

So, who is in that ivory tower anyways?

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