Regarding love spells on men and on women

Well, here is my first topic. I want to discuss with you the psychological point of view regarding the love spells make on men and those on women.

Firstly, i have to tell you that i am a male, which separated with the love of my life before 7 months and since then i am trying to get her back without any success. Calling numerious demons during that time, lots of rituals and nope - we don’t have even contact now. So if anyone can help - i will be glad. I am Desperate and can’t move on.

But to the topic - During that time , i found some things about the way of thinking of men and women. Most of the videos on internet for love rituals are with comments from women for which they have worked out- ‘omg,omg, he is calling me, it is working!’. A very few of the males had success with any of these workings. Didn’t you notice that? Why?
Well, the answer is simple- the different way of thinking of men and women. The men are more spontanoius then the women- they first act, then think. Because of this - a lot of men had realise their mistakes after some time , they need to be guardians of the women and so on. And they came back.
The women behaviour is different- they will think 1000 times before they leave you. they first make the descision and have to be sure about it and then act. And it is almost impossible for a man to bring back the woman. Because of this - you almost don’t see coments from males for working love spells. Yes , there is 1% of success stories of a man who win back the heart of a woman and for me this is miracle.

The men are weaker psychologically then the women regarding love.

Wonder whar you thinking about this?
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I think you truly hit on something there :slight_smile:

Maybe the successful men are the ones that learn to think like women LOL

I always find this topic of LOVE, fascinating. I think I am a rare creature when it comes to emotions and I would certainly not think my life was over if my partner left me.

Love, just like life is an incredibly huge puzzle and I enjoy the task of figuring it out :slight_smile:

IMO a love spell can only be done selflessly, it’s not something you can control. The moment you add the “I Want” or “I Need”, you just changed the context from a love spell to a controlling one.


Yeah I usually think for a while before I break up with someone, though I do go back sometimes. But when I’m sure I will not benefit, I leave and don’t come back lol. Good luck though

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I have to agree

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nope. i disagree. woman want to avoid confrontation even if it’s good heart to heart interaction. THey will not put effort to clear up misunderstanding. They are emotional. Once you piss them off they are stubborn to hold that grudge. That’s why it’s harder to win them back. They react more than logical thinking. That’s my experience. They leave in a blink of an eye if you make them uncomfortable. They want nice treatment all the way. They don’t think base on facts. Its’ all about emotions. Because emotions are so strong it’s hard to break that barrier they create once you get them mad.

psychologically both are equal. cons and pros to balance each other out. both genders are capable of learning.

With modern courtship, men have to act or no action happens. Men either have to pursue women directly and go through all of the nos until they get a yes or they need to put on such a grand show that it draws women to them.

If I were to cast a love spell, I would do one on myself that makes me cringe resistant so I would be willing to embarrass myself with the conga line of rejection and mocking.

yup. ladies too passive. more passive or lack of communication social skills due to social media. tech has kill many social skills due to lack of live interaction that kids usually have back in the day.

No, this has been the paradigm since arranged marriages stopped. Before that there were a lot of forced arrangements via war conquests.

well, new tech made it worse. they cry like babies over everything. no concept of emotional intelligence due to being on phone all day. they have become sissies and drama kings/queens. both genders.

Arrange marriage still happening in some countries. my parents were arranged marriaged. that’s in the 60s though.