Regaining passion and emotion after PTSD/Similar disorder

For people who have suffered PTSD, SAD (Schizo Affective Disorder), or any trauma and became so numb that they had no passion, energy, emotions, almost complete loss of personality; are there particular yoga exercises, certain meditations, spirits that can reignite our flame for life?

Mindfulness and policing thoughts is the hardest but most important first step to keep from reliving scenes of death,trauma or survivals guilt.
Instead of focusing on what not to worry about
You have to find something that interests you to give you an imagination of what you would want you life to be.
What do you value or what gives you value and it can only be found when you are truly alone and no one is around to influence it.
But you have to give your life meaning by your standards and definitely not by someone else’s.
Them by
Having a goal or objective you can be propelled to put a life in motion and continue to grow that value.
Belial helped me with this and I’d recommend Belial above most others for this.

Add:. Identity is key. What you identify as, what you tell yourself you are And making it believable. Dont identify with the thoughts that are aligned with the trauma or depression is what I mean and you avoid that by finding profitable energies you DO identify with


I was diagnosed with CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) this was due to extreme neglect, physical child abuse, emotional abuse and sexual abuse at a young age. Along with a childhood of violence, drugs, moving to over 20 different houses too many schools too count. And a lot more that I just won’t go into here’s what helped for me, after a while of “suffering” with this, I hit a point of desensitisation which felt like the condition known as “depersonalisation”.

I felt numb, empty and nothing that I did helped, drugs, parties, sex, travel etc. Instead I did a lot of internal shadow work, a lot through qliphothic journeying some just through pathworkings and turning my life over into the hands of the various Infernal beings who would mould me into what I desired to become. Yet in order to do such things and become what I desired, I needed to be broken down, deconstructed, destroyed, rebuilt and rearranged so to speak.

Besides that I do suggest a variety of other things I did along the way, change of diet, exercise (believe it or not exercise does a whole lot for you) plus I decided I would every day meditate twice. I’d set an alarm 30 minutes earlier than usual and meditate in order to dominate my own thoughts, emotions and energy by meditating on the realisation of the important factors of my perspective, my observation and all is mind.

That if I shifted things internally, it causes dramatic external shifts (read the seven hermetic principles for more info on that) the second meditation of the day would normally be at night, just after I had finished all my chores, work, and dealt with responsibilities. I would meditate on any stress, toxicity or things I may have remembered or things that may have bugged me that day.

With the realisation that I can instead of purge myself of that, instead I could transmute those poisons into nectars. I also recommend creating goals every day and completing them, (do not fall into the game of creating tones of plans or changing plans more than completing them). Even basic ones like make the bed in the morning, shave, wash, get dressed, go for a run, go for a walk, do your meditation, exercise or rituals, pathworkings, or working on projects, career moves etc. This gives you a sense of direction, purpose and meaning it starts small but can gradually become grander and you’ll become more productive.

Yet take at least one day a week if not more for self maintenance or self care, for some people this may be eating their favourite junk food whilst watching a movie and doing whatever makes them happy or relaxed. Or go for a hike, camping, fishing, clubbing, travelling, spa treatment etc.

Start small Rome wasn’t built in a day you know and remember this isn’t something which is cured, it isn’t a disease, you aren’t a victim don’t associate these conditions with your identity otherwise you reinforce that form which you will now assume. You create you’re own reality and create yourself, so will it into existence, no fucking bullshit, no excuses, no self pity, get off your ass and do the work, do what needs to be done. You got this, we all do and are capable of things far greater than we ever dreamed off, trust me.

Also look into some professional help, just give it a try any help is great :slightly_smiling_face:


Helpful reply i struggle with this as well thanks :blush:


You’re more than welcome, I quite busy these days but if you’re okay with a slow replies then just hit me up if anyone ever needs to talk (but like I said often busy) :sweat_smile:


Everything I need is in the text you just wrote is more than enough :slight_smile: no need of bothering other people , that just makes me avoiding and postponing the problem more , just need to do the work , will be enough :hugs:
Ha i strongly desinate with traveling sex and other don’t give my any enjoyment sadly haha :rofl: guess you were on point :point_up:


Awesome :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wise as always Conner
Infernal blessings brother

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Thanks @C.Kendall and @Undying.Embers … Happy Thanksgiving all, and have a blessed day. Will use the suggestions, love the thought domination idea with the alarm.


Just do magick and stop victimizing yourself.

I used to be a PTSDeed out husk. Then I started doing magick, and now here we are.

I don’t claim to be perfect, but magick can remove the problems. I sacrificed the old me upon the altar and let go of such egoic attachments. I have worldly desires, but i cannot unsee what I have seen. I live here now, and I believe that all the treasures of this world are here for me to adorn myself with and enjoy.