Have you ever made a request or given a task that a spirit flat out refused? What was it?

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I tried to connect with Andromalius to seek revenge on someone and he flat out refused.

Said he wouldn’t do it because the person didn’t harm me directly. He was really nice, but firm about it & didn’t make me feel like an ass for asking. No chastising or lectures either, he just said "Look, why do you want me to harm this person when they never did anything to hurt you? Your anger is directed at the wrong person. I’m not doing this, ok? You understand why now, right? "


I found more common that they accept and then never accomplish the task, later I find by myself why they refused. Usually the flat out refusals have been when I’ve asked about certain topics, even my Holy Guardian Angel has refused to tell me stuff sometimes. Sometimes I’ve insisted with the cards, and there only come nonsensical readings


Yes it can happen. I asked Satan if he could open my third eye and align my chakras. He said no, because that’s something I have to do on my own.


If its not too private, could you tell me more about these tasks? What were they?

Me: Demon, I want that woman to love me, so I’m performing this ritual with fire and a sacrifice of my own semen, and a letter writen by myself with a sigil included so you get that I’m serious about this.
Demon: Sure, I get how important is this to you and I am well known for helping people with these kind of things, you will have what you asked for.
Me: Thanks, Demon.
Demon doesn’t accomplish what was asked
I feel frustration
Sudenly becomes evident that the target of the ritual was a total bitch that would do unimaginable harm to me
Bitch later does that unimaginable harm to another man
Me: Thanks, Demon, for saving me again

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Thats interesting. So, demons choose to finish a task (or not) depending on the outcome for the caster, and not the demons own moral code? Thats how i interpret that at least.

Loki advised me to not attack my cousin out of envy. He later gave me the green light when I was attacked first.

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Oh and Durga told me not to use any break up spells on this one girl and her boyfriend. Durga doesn’t like him and she told me that their relationship will fail with time.

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