Reeeeeeeee Hello Everyone

I’m not “new” to but relatively inexperienced with “magick”, I’m mostly into Taoist and Buddhist related things.
This may be an unpopular thing but i prefer to do things using my own energy and will without any help from demons and spirits.

Lets start with a few of my relevant interests:
Energy-intent projection (Spell casting) I like candles.
Energy Manipulation: Qigong, Taichi, Yoga etc
health and wellness
Astral Projection
Lucid Dreaming
Buisness/Finance/Stocks etc
Politics/worldly power and the study of it
Psionics and spiritual technology
Practical psychology/NLP/Mind Control/Hypnosis
Transhumanism/Artificial intelligence
Chaos/Sigil Magick
Meme Magick and Shitposting on 4chan

Before i can reach my higher aspirations a few things are needed in my life:

A new job that pays well and i enjoy enough to not want to kill myself while doing it, been experimenting with a green candle, actually manifested some money to help me by (I think) may of been coincidence i got a cheque from my previous shit job the day after.

Sexual/Emotional fufillment, the incel in my name is self explanatory. Some non degenerate friends and connections i guess.

Fixing my health and mental health.

Thanks for reading!


Welcome to the Family! Im sure you will fit in well here, if you need anything fell free to ask me.


Welcome to the forum.


Bro. That’s all my shit. We’re friends now. End of story


@DemonMonk Feel free to message me about any of the content

Have any advice on spells for getting my ideal job, and mate?

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Plenty, i could Pm you about it.

Sure please do so : )

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Reeeeee welcome brethren

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Welcome! :grin:

Man, I’m on Qigong and Taichi since 15! Today I’m 31 (next month 32).

Love Qigong and how the sounds make you feel better. And about Taichi, I started because of Jet Li films and see that’s completely different but never leave it behind.

Well, if you feel in need of some help in this, surely PM me. Maybe I take some time to respond but I’ll try my best.

Also, since you’re on Taoism, do a little jump and do some Hinduist practices. Some mantra will shake your chakras and put you into a higher state, even to work with demons (my experience).

Be welcome.


Welcome :smile:

Hi, I am New Here And Need Help.

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