Reducing Lust/Importance for manifestation and magick

An important part of magick is reducing our need or lust for a desired goal or manifestation, often times we emphasize the goal or desire we want by putting it on a type of pedal stool, a tool us magician use to help reduce this is “forgetting” or grounding after a ritual. So we can get out of our headspace and stop thinking reducing the unwanted energy to the manifestation. Often times our pedal stool is influenced by outside factors like society or our epigenetic and psychological constructs. It is not a natural desire (this is fine to want but realize and become aware of it).
A good first step to reducing this is feeling and seeing yourself as worthy for the manifestation, a lot of the time our dissonance with the manifestation comes from a lack of confidence with our current life, realize that we desire things because of the emotions the object or situation will give us. So in order to manifest the desired object or situation faster embody the emotions you want or believe you will feel once you have manifested this.

Our brains and nerves do not know the difference between imagination and reality, use this to your advantage for visualization and embodying the emotion.