Reduce sleep

As the tital says, how can i reduce my sleep but still be energetic as fuk. Which demon can help me with this? Its b’cause i wanna study nd when sleeping i feel like im wasting time and i should study, is there a way to only sleep like 2-3 hrs? I know that its not gud for my health but just for 2-3 years. so is there any demon who can help me with this? Thanks!

I don’t know about demons, but there are meditation techniques that can help reduce the need for sleep.


Thanks and which meditations u prefer

Polyphasic sleep. Uberman, Everyman 3, and DC1 schedules are favorites of mine

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One method for getting Max results with very little actual sleep time is use a comfortable chair and hold onto weights so when you fall asleep they wake you up, Roosevelt used to do this. There’s also a say to do it useing a plate on your lap and holding a spoon so it drops on the plate. It’s said to refresh you alot with minimal actual time consumed.

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Are these meditations?

Sleep schedules

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