Reduce childsupport

Im looking for ideas about spellwork to aid in an upcoming childsupport hearing i have a lawyer but it could go great it could go bad

Definitely summon Belial for starters.


Seriously, years ago I did this numerous times to great effect: Visualise the rune Tiwaz on fire above the judge’s head, then draw it down into their head. Repeat until you’re comfortable. You want to win the case so your subconscious will be charged that you winning is justice.
Tyr is a God of justice - justice for you.


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If you look at an old post Beilial has help me greatly in past i was able to win from defeat and was able to stalemate my father before despite his money and church connections
I even got my old good paying job back and lot good things been happening in my all in all but this battle not end till i have my own house again and custody of my kids

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I like that idea thanks

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Yes, Belial will help you, but remember one thing…


Don’t be a deadbeat dad! Belial does not like deadbeat dads.

Peace and blessings.


Not about beatimg the support i voluntarily pay or did just my dad wants a qhole lot more