Hi, I am back; tried to find data on these entities, really sparce mostly due to just not good at finding such things. So I am asking you for some more pointers. if you named an entity, please tell me some good ref’s where to find good data+ tell me from you, your opinion ando’s and don’ts- where do I find their signs and sigils and where how when to best work an evocation. I honestly want them to know I love them as a foxhole partner who will gladly make their combat experience just damn funand brotherly. What did you do to wake them unto you? I have even considered making a Mala, with a trincket for each.

If it is easier- feel free to write to my email- as my hard drive is desparately wanting to die- forums right now are hell. my email is and my facebook is James Staples VI

I will tell you of tonights experiment since I know I did not win. I bought 2 powerball tix, while going to the store I invoke Beliel 3x3 promising him that When he Makes me win, I will buy this town- change its horrid name (Weaubleau-wtfis that?) and change it to Beliel, and erect a huge temple to his name and also for a 'spiritual science and learning center" I continued invoking his name and then moved to Baal Hadad who I have always felt has had a life long interest in me and appreciates my adorations during fiercest t-storms. 3x3, while filling out the slps I invoked Bethor and Lukorst even though I know next to nothing of them.Being guided to info discussing them, what they like want and need. would be noice.I would love to find other cities to buy and name after them with centers also. If you could guide me to some good ways to make them feel that I will work to bring them power and glory would be good
While putingthe numbers of my makeshift alter, I invoke all the names 3x3, with the addition od HADDU HADDU HADDU!!! the appellation of Baal Hadad when under stress great need and dures, while lighting my incence 3 candles and pricking my finger and bleeding into tissue supplying one bloody piece per candle while covenantingin a blood pact to fulfill what I haqve decreed if they cause the numbers I have chosen to be chosen. and if I win I will ramp up my work as I want to grease the skids with $$$ in order to further glorify their names and powers. Most all of these being Are Gods- and deserve to be appreciated as such. Blasphemy- is columny- bearing false witness of a god or High being by pigeon holing them as ‘workers of darkness and evil’. Nothing can be further from the truth for them. Though in bygone days of subversive priestly bigotry these Deities were demonized and accursed as being evil( if not taken to the captor pantheon renamed and given new job duties) Undoing the blasphemy is the greatest use of honor I can provide.
So if you guys who gave me these names, where to find good data, rituals sigils signs meditative techniques anything to increase my familiararity with them I would be greatly appreciatve- and will also be quite mindful to help finance your work if need be.
Thanks a lot.

Hello, you know, there are a lot of grimmoires with entities and their sigils, look for goetia, greater pentacles of solomon, practice of magical evocation by Franz Bardon, New Avatar Power by Geof Graycobb, with those you have more than enough YET, you gotta be realist of your magical faculties and the effects of rituals in the Physical World, plus environment circumstances (in past times it was easier to become rich at least in Spain)

With this I mean, when there is abundance of something, it’s easier to get, even riches.

Summing up now there is no abundance of money, so its harder to get without a previous work (I mean not having a cent).

So do i get money with magick? Yes sir, but make it easy for spirits to help you, a ticket may have 16000000 combinations, although possible is difficult for them. Plus you have to jotice they dont perceive the physical world, nor its laws as us (they cant aprehend space/time as we do thats why divinators/mediums get problems when trying to get an exact date, they go very close most of the times).

So how do i get money with magick? Becoming winner can be 1/16000000 of posibilites, but getting a job maybe 1/20. I understand for them its easier the second option.

But there’s no work around in my city? Theyll manifest but itll take a lot of time. Or move to another bigger city and theyll manifest in less time.

I say all of this because Im also working on winning lottery, but being realist its quite important as there are many combinations and millions of people also “asking” for it

What you want is to locate a winner and cough ‘obtain’ his ticket.

You could also try another approach which is to activate your Merkaba and then program it.

You can activate it via a ‘17 breaths meditation’ - it takes about 5- 6 weeks to go through the entire phase. Make sure you master each phase. You also need to keep up with the meditations once your Merkaba has become activated and alive.

As for beings…I study them before approaching them, I give them energy and attention and I start a conversation with them. I memorize their sigil and meditate upon it by using my inner eye…here I basically enlarge the sigil onto a massive screen in front of me as was it an altar dedicated to that specific entity. Etli’osh taught me a specific way to work with his sigil…