Reddit looking for AMA's from famous occult authors

(As a personal note, this is posted here because I don’t have EA’s email, however this is a great chance for him to garner a TON of attention. Dante could even get in on it too!)

Hi, I just recently purchased your Mastering Divination course and I’ve absolutely loved it. I’ve been practicing for less than a year and honestly despite reading TONS of books, I’ve never learned so much at any point. You’ve catapulted me forward knowledge wise, and the skills are catching up slowly, though surely. I’m struggling, but I am moving. Everything from the divinations about the movement to invisible tarot has helped me immensely.

That being said, the reason I’ve posted this is because currently there’s a post on Reddit about occult authors being willing to come and answer questions. You could simply put up a message saying “I am EA Koetting, AMA” (Ask me anything, if you’re not familiar with reddit) and then answer the questions the next day. Currently, there are 9,797 occultists subscribed to the channel.

Generally speaking, most of them are brand new as well. The problem is that nobody has a REAL working experience and so everyone sits around preaching the same right hand path philosophy, but nobody talks anything practical. Nobody is making ANY progress. That’s where I was before I found “Works of Darkness”.
Now, I’m not a huge fan of Reddit so much anymore. It was good when I was starting my works, but now it’s not helpful at all. Be prepared if you decide to do it that the people might be a bit… Well, denizen-of-the-internet-like?.

That being said, that’s nearly 10,000 people, many of them new and looking for direction that would both benefit greatly from, and most likely check out your programs. Obviously this would be beneficial in both the way of your goal of pushing practical spirituality into the hands of those that need it (like myself) and also getting a potentially large return from your programs. If you’re interested, see below (If you’re not familiar with Reddit). If not, thanks for your time and the amazing content you produce! I can’t currently afford Mastering Evocation but I will be as soon as I can!

  1. Make an account on

  2. Go here:

  3. Click on the right hand side where it says “Submit a new text post”

  4. Title it something simple like, “I am EA Koetting, AMA” (You may want to include a link to a picture of yourself with your username or something like that to verify that it’s you.)

  5. let people know that you’ll either be checking it throughout the day occasionally, or that you’ll be back the next day to answer the questions.

It’s that simple. If you accomplish nothing else, you’ll have spent an hour of your time and you’ll receive anywhere from 0-9,797 new occultists seeking direction viewing your website and potentially ordering your products. It could be few, or it could be a huge amassment. Good luck! I can’t wait to see more content and where you’ll take all of us.