RED, WHITE, and BLACK: meaning of these colours

The colors RED, WHITE, and BLACK date back not only to Ancient Egypt, but to their origins in the Far East. Egypt was known as the “Black and Red Land” and was the center of Alchemy. Alchemy is the transformation of the human soul into the godhead. Through this transformation, we complete Our Creator Satan’s unfinished work. The colors red, white and black are of the three major nadis of the human soul. The Ida is black, the Pingala is red, and the Sushumna is white.

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I accomplished that the first week of May. I went through the entire alchemical process.

well done! you answered to the post quickly my friend! :slight_smile:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Good luck - this should bring more of a supreme power when done correctly!

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By the way, if you was to click on my profile, would you see the posts i have made?

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Yes it has. Ive overcome many things. And I do seem to have powered up greatly.

I think it would.

It strange I kept saying on here that I had went through the entire alchemical process on here but no one seemed to know what i was talking about or want to discuss it.

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well now there is (hehe)

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Good :slight_smile:

Oh I know what it means. Good for you!!

I guess I must have missed your posts. Sorry.


Its ok i cant remember where i posted. Could have been pms as well. Thank you :blush:

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You are not referring to the pre - menestrual cycle are you?

Oh i meant private messages. Because he didnt remember seeing me post about it.

Sorry i see where it looks like that :blush:

sorry - i laughed though when i read it because i wasn’t sure

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exposing christianity - simple logistics
I ask those to read the following and try and understand. Thank you!

People (the jews and christians) believe that if you was to go against “Christ”, you would be sent to Hell to be punished by “The Devil” as going against “Christ” would be the greatest sin against him (apparently!). But if you was to go against “Christ”, wouldn’t you be rewarded by “The Devil”? I thought that christains Rave about “The Devil” being the greatest enemy of “Christ” - it is logical that you would be welcomed by him for doing the same act!

If “Christ” was born from “Virgin Mary”, who could have impregnated her if she was a virgin? Also, christians/jews say that “Christ” is the spirit of “Yahweh” so doesn’t that mean “Christ” fucked a virgin to be born as himself! How would that be possible! It isn’t!

The Jews apparently waited for the “messiah” or the “prophet of ‘god’” and apparently “Jesus” was a jew! So if “Jesus” waited for the prophet of “Yahweh” himself, who was to say that HE was the prophet?

Anybody is able to give a prophecy when ONE learns to be able to do such thing! The witches gave prophecies, right? Doesn’t that mean they could be the children of “Christ”? NO!

Witches are of the ANTICHRIST so if “Jesus” was able to give prophecies, that means Jesus had WITCH POWER! That means he had the power of his antichrist - Which is extremely ironic!

Do you see now? Try and read in between the lines of what people are telling you and do not be brainwashed!


Yea after you pointed it out me too.


i ask you to share my “exposing christianity” as much as you can please.