Red thread strung in forest?

So i was walking around a small forest near where i live. I don’t know if this actually has any meaning to it and part of me assumes its nothing, but does anyone know what this could be? Any meaning to red thread on trees or in a forest. This thread wasn’t just lying on the ground mind you, it was all hung up in a distance of what I would guess to be around 30 feet among trees and bushes. If anyone has any slight clue or knowledge on if this signifies anything or what this could mean then i would much appreciate some input on the subject. Thank you!


I don’t suppose it was hunters? I see them mark things around here using string and ropes.

Could be set for someone to find their way back out. This reminds me of the suicide forest (Aokigahara) in japan in which people string out thread to find their way back out or for some unlucky traveler to find a corpse on the end of the string. It’s interesting to read about.

That’s a common way to roughly mark property lines, areas to be cut, etc. up here.

Look for “Posted” signs and/or spray paint marks on certain trees.

You wouldn’t happen to have taken a picture of it? There is a couple of different wildlife conservation techniques where they use brightly colored string. Although most of the techniques involving string are considered outdated…they are still practiced by older biologists and some are still taught in some conservation classes.

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