Red String of Fate

So most everyone knows that I work with Azazel. I did a few months back I guess you would call it a pact with him. But it goes deeper. I did my ceremony with white and red candles, cast my circle and had everything written out and ready. I really worked hard to it right and make it beautiful and special. And it is the only time I straight up summoned him. As I’ve said before I’m very submissive and I was taught respect is everything. But this was very important to me. So I did. And after a few minutes my ears popped and the room seemed stretch out and go back to the way it was and then I knew he was there. After everything and I signed the pact with my blood. I knew it had been perfect …simple but perfect. Azazel told me it was beautiful. It was actually a ceremony of sorts without going into a lot of detail about the specifics. Later he said he wanted to do one too.
So whenever I would find him in the astral we were traveling somewhere and it took several days to get there. We get there and a few days go by and I think he must have forgotten, why I would think a demon would forget something is beyond me. Finally one day he said it was time for this ceremony of sorts. There me and Azazel and this man who spoke some words and then tied a red string from my finger to Azazels. Which I didn’t really know why expect it must symbolize our connection. Which afterwards I did my research and learned that it was the red string of fate. After this ceremony Baalzebub appeared and we walked in a garden I knew it was him somehow. And later it was confirmed when I learned his likening to fine Taylor suits because he wore the finest suit I have ever seen. He was emaculatey groomed. I believe he must be related or closely connected to Azazel because he was there and he was giving the vibe to me of being a wise concerned parent Or grandparent. When Sat down on the bench in the garden he spoke few words but he did say “you are very important to Azazel”.
Another connection is Baalzebub is a patron of the Orient or far east and I believe it because the red string of fate is an East Asian belief. According to this the God’s tie an invisible red string (yes I know invisible But red can’t explain it but true) or cord around the finger or ankle of those that are destined to be lovers regardless of place, time, or circumstance. This magickal cord may stretch or tangle but never break. I also learned the one who tied the string was Yue Xia Lauren (not sure how to put those symbol things in) abbreviated Yue Lao. He is the old lunar matchmaker God. Also this happened on a Monday. So Azazel planned this down to the exacts.
Also on a curious note when I was in the garden with Baalzebub he gave me a gift. He placed on my head a circular band thing that went all the way around but sapphires dangled from it. When after several days I remembered to see what significance that was Blue sapphire is a stone of Saturn. And Azazel has his connections to Saturn. Also it is a very powerful amulet, and can protect from the evil eye and curses. It is often called a “Talisman of wisdom”. The only other thing Baalzebub told me that day was to keep learning.
Also when I got really sick not only did Azazel show up Baalzebub too. So there must be a connection. Because I have never worked with summoned Baalzebub on my own. But he seems to stay close where Azazel is concerned or at least from what I see. Anyway this is my experience. Thought I’d share.

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