Red mark appeared on mi back's skin

This happened to me longe time ago when I bearly started to meditate to increase my energy and spiritual strength.
I think it has been almost 2 years since this photo I took of my back. I don’t know how I got it… or why it has such a peculiar shape.
I’ll try to keep it short: before this photo, I was just starting to immerse myself in this whole energy and spiritual works. A friend of mine gave me some meditations to work with to learn in manipulating and increasing my energy. I used to do 3 sessions, one in the morning, the afternoon, and the night.
I did my normal morning meditation that day, and well…yeah, everything normal, ya know, nooby ol’ me trying to get the hang of it, nothing noticeably out of the ordinary.
Later, my second meditation comes in, and I do my usual thing, nothing out of the ordinary, I did not feel anything different but the usual “energy buzz” feeling when concentrated.
I pass this mirror and i suddenly notice something weird on my back. Hooollyyy crap, what is that?!
I told my friend, but he said he was not sure what it was. We talked about it in the moment and we forgot about the whole thing.
I never knew what it was nor what it means, nor how it even got there.
Was wondering if some of you nice people could enlighten me?
To go on further detail, yes, that red mark was on my skin. I tried to wash it off or something, but nope, still there and it did not leave until, like, 3 days passed.
At the second day it started to fade just a bit, from the outside to the center of the shape. Around the 3th day passed, it was almost fully erased from my back

That looks like an eye, my love. You were possibly marked by the ancients. Have you tried seeking the dragon eye?

Also, seek the cricket. Oh, interesting here. Also seek the ladybug. She brings good omens to you.

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Oh my god, thank you for the comment!
Finally, I can get somewhere with this mark, it drove me crazy when it showed up!
And yes, it seems it is not just me, I did as well think of the shape as an eye.
I am sort of new to all these terminologys you speak of, I am afraid I do not understand of whom you speak of. If you could please explain a bit more?, who are the ancients?, I am preety lost with what is the dragon eye, or the cricket or the ladybug.
I would like to learn more of this. Maybe you could push me a bit to where I could find more about this?
I’ll search a bit on the web in the mean time, this is very intriguing! Thank you!

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Thank you!, I really appreciate it!

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Dragon. Seek the gate of crystal glass. intelligence abound. Seek the ancient whispering out. Kunda. Gifts abound as you seek form on wings of air.

The night falls. And in the morning, the sparrow sings. Truth is in the heart of Mother. What Lucifer took away, he gives back. As she cannot be without her Mother. Seek the eye of wisdom. Of truth. Of grounded. You are loved by Mother of all living. Kindness grows in understanding. The dark and light are yin and yang.

There is no battle. She is immortal - what she gives no one can take.

Fight the battle within self. This is where man folly is.

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You are welcome.

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Ah, I see, I see, so we are talking about spirit animals, interesting!
Pardon me… but I am not so sure how this relates to the red symbol on my back :sweat_smile:
I mean, it does make me feel nice and fuzzy inside reading these things about animals… but what is the co-relation here?, I read them, but I do not find anything related to the mark in these articles, nor any idea why there is some conection between the two :thinking:

Use your physic mind.

Figure the riddle.


The riddle.

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Alright, I’ll do my best. Thank you again!

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