Red dragon question

Hello I have a few questions.yes I search first first the red dragon I have a personal question.second if the red dragon is unique,why are so many colors on tis path,I have read different dragon and it not the same,tru thewthods are difent in red dragon is mostly calls to spirts ,my question is have you try it,? It’s really practice on tis days, it’s really a grimorio or a semi real grimorio? The question I’m looking for is personal no no is the money question,

First, which red dragon? The one of many from Chinese myth, or western dragons as seen on heraldic shields and flags, or do you mean the draconian current, or something else like primal craft red dragon which I think is a version of lucifer or something?

Basically what context, because there a ton of these the world over and they’re all different.

Red dragon grimoire,a popular book it’s some post here not wat I’m looking for it’s why I create tis post

Grand know in America,