Recurring Symbols in my Dreams

In my dreams I will see recurring symbols but the most that caught my attention the most was a sword specifically a katana. I have a strong connection to the samurai swords and weapons of japan and it is always special to me when I find it, more special and valuable than a powerful gun. In my dreams the Katana always helps get through whatever comes my way. It is believed that the samurai sword represents the soul of the owner or is connected to the owner. Could this be the case why when I see I feel a strong connection or is it just a symbol of inner strength and willpower?


I recommend looking into your Akashic record. You have strong ties to japan, and you may have been a samurai at one point in one of your past lives.

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What does it mean when I dream of someone speaking a different language because I have been having recurring symbols of beautiful women of Mexican/Latina descent?

Maybe that your attracted to them or something? I mean you did just say they were beautiful, so it might not be anything more then attraction.