Recurring dreams about a place from my childhood

Hey all.

I’ve been having some sinister recurring dreams about the school I went to as a child. I was there for 10 years, so in a sense I’m very connected to it. There is one particular building that has been appearing in my dreams recently with architecture that does not exist in real life. The interiors, for example, are long (almost infine) corridors that lead into a library and other nooks and crannies where people live. It’s almost like an apocalyptic steampunk environment.

There are also a few dream characters like a little boy and girl that keep appearing in these dreams. In one dream she told me that children were sexually abused in this building and in another recent one she told me that there is an elevator that goes deep into the underground - she doesn’t know where it ends.

I was wondering if it is possible to receive information about a place where certain events are happening or have happened in real life through dreams. If yes, is there a way to scan the place and find out more, or attempt a dream re-entry? It could also just be a regular old dream with symbolic elements, but I always think that dreams exist on several levels, and the literal level is also one of them.

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I would suggest a dream entry but remember to use your power to remove any attempt of spirits attacking you. I think some spirits have been wanting help about the truth and decided to call you as you are a witch.