Recreating The Aztecs (gore video)

Real video of the beating heart removed from a living person, do NOT click this link if that kind of thing may bother you, it’s not a joke, it’s a real video of a living man’s heart being hacked out.

Also some other injuries and stuff.

Last chance to not click this, cannot be unseen


Listen It takes a lot to fuck with me especially Gore but holy fuck that fucking got me.

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The peeled face one is worse, I reckon. :thinking:

The cartel chaps are really doing some authentic recreations of the kinds of things you’d otherwise only read about in history books.

Vibrant! :+1:


The part that fucked with me is how they had cut up his torso like fucking ham that’s really the only part it’s that hes still alive so that’s what really messed with my head

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Cuz they didnt cut his organs, thats why. Yet…

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I think we can all agree that guy could really have used a stapler, but as with office life, there’s never one around when you need it. :man_shrugging:


With the right advertising it could do wonderful things for their tourism industry. :thinking:

Come see our beautiful country! Taste our local food! Watch actual reenactments of Aztec rituals! Take part in them yourself! :crazy_face:




Thank you for sharing that video, Lady_Eva. Was quite interesting and satisfying.



If people simply opened up to “Satan”, that disgusting garbage would be happening a lot less.

“Satan” is the organization known as the rebel alliance.

That video. Wow.

Really this was shocking, to say the least, in terms of how and why would someone do that aside from the obvious reasons that such groups torture people. At the sight of such horrors, I do contemplate what true vengeful and horrid darkness from entities even more malefic than those people would do lest they were released in the face of the earth with a physical form. Thank you, Lady Eva, for posting this. Food for thought.