Reconciling The Law of Attraction

I’ve been pondering the architecture of the universe after reading some of the Kybalion and I’m deeply curious why thoughts can preced events so often yet mindfully structuring this phenomenon through spells and giving it your will requires some emotional gymnastics.

Very very very often I am surprised when a movie or even a particular scene of a movie plays when I’m around and “I was just thinking about that scene while riding my motorcycle around town…” It happens all the time with media for me, songs, movies, specific scenes. It makes sense that I’m in a drivers trance/motorcycle headspace (which is its own form of meditation, theta/gamma sync) so when I recall a bit of dialogue from a random movie I saw when I was 10 it could be a lesser “spell” or even a foreshadow for when a few days later I hang out with my dad and he’s watching it.

This makes me question how closely one must watch their thoughts. I have severe OCD and my mind runs on tangents all the time. During a sad period of my life I used to listen to music that felt exactly like what I was afraid of happening, I can recall a lyric “But how did it all come down?” I got the sense I wasn’t in control of what was going to happen and here I am 7 years later looking back on how I lost a med school scholarship, my fiancé at the time, my band split right before we were going to tour, and my mind before my symptoms really peaked.

I get how emotionally aligning with lyrics and visualizing can be a form of a spell, but if something as simple as remembering a scene from a movie can bring it into my life, where is the line? I get a sense of neuroticism just typing this next part because I don’t want to spell for it (reinforcing it) but, there are times when I cannot control my own thoughts.

Where is the line, and can one move it? I’ve heard it said that “existence is Magickal and when you advance everything about you is” and that’s frightening as hell when I don’t control what goes on in my minds eye. I’ve heard it said you need to perform a formal ritual if you want something to happen but the way things show up for me I don’t know.



Me either. I understand and can relate to almost everything you’ve just written. Thanks for sharing it was a good read.