Reconcile the orange/yellow Raphael/Michael issue?

In Kabbalah Raphael is in Hod (planet Mercury) and he is orange colored. Michael is in Tiphareth (planet Sol/Sun) and he is yellow.

In other places Raphael is yellow. (although I have not come across an orange Michael)

How do I reconcile this so I am not confused when I see these colors.

Do they share a rulership of these places. I have heard this theory in one book. Anyway, I need to get my colors right. Any advice would be appreciated.

The angels basically share the correspondences, as they are system dependent. Remember, the correspondences are all man-made, and angels and demons transcend the neat little boxes we like to shove them into so they are not limited by them.

That’s simple enough. There are no absolutely universal correspondences that everyone agrees upon, so choose a system that appeals most to you, infuse it with your belief, and then use it in magick until it is ingrained in your mind, and voila! Ignore any other system that contradicts your chosen system.