Recommendations for receiving child support

Ok, I am just about at my wits end here. I am currently owed almost $40,000 in back child support. I have tried this and that magically speaking, and a couple of times I have received a trickle of cash as a result, but nothing close to what is owed. I have considered amping things up a bit with evocation, but Im just having a hard time getting my plan/thought organized enough to proceed. I was hoping to get a little feedback from some of you. Firstly, I need to find an entity that would be best suited to my purpose. Secondarily, I need help defining exactly what it is I want. For example, this person has been completely absent from mine and my daughters life for the last 8 yrs, which suits me just fine :wink: Child Support services has a file on him, and so they are the ones who attempt to collect from him, which is great, as I dont have to try to hunt him down myself.

At this point I need to do something that will motivate him to pay his support. Just having him be miserable isnt going to make him pay, as I doubt he would associate the two. If however he could be made to experience misery, with the knowledge that said misery would dissipate once he started paying his child support, that would be great. And also that if he chooses not to pay, things would continue to get worse.

If anyone has any ideas on entity’s that would work well in this situation, or any other tips, ideas, etc… I would be very grateful to hear them. I am just thinking that it is crap that I am busting my ass to get through my medical program and raise my children on my own, while this guy spends his time partying and staying in trouble. I honestly wouldnt give a shit about the child support, except for the fact that he is the one that hunted me down 8 years ago and drug me to court. My daughter and I were quite happy in our lives without any contact or support from him. To his astonishment the judge gave me full custody and ordered him to pay child support. He visited my daughter a few times, and then disappeared when the child support was due.

Anyway, now Im just bitching, lol. I hope to hear from some of you :slight_smile:

How about evoking Paimon to make him suddenly have the urge to pay back all of it directly to you. Paimon is excellent in influencing peoples minds/decisions.

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Thanks Seeker. Actually Dante had mentioned King Paimon to me awhile back for a different working. I didnt end up evoking him as my result came to me while I was just thinking about evoking him. Coincidence??? Who knows…

Do you have the Book of Azazel? If so, I’d recommend Ant’harratu 'cause he’s the one who creates miracles of all kinds, including the most benevolent alterations in your life and circumstances, no matter what subject.

Yes Bran, I do. I will definitely pull it out and read up on Ant’harratu again. Thanks! :wink:

Yes Beboe! I agree with Bran’s suggestion of Ant’Harratu … not too long ago I asked Ant’Harratu for assistance with a long-standing problem that I had lost all hope of ever resolving … and within 3 weeks He brought ne together with a fellow Mage with the unique skills - and the willingness - to assist me in resolving the issue.

Ant’Harratu ROCKS! :wink: Z

Awesome Zoe! Thanks for chiming in here. I really appreciate you guys :slight_smile:

Haha yeah his powers awaken quickly for sure.

You know, for most things I use simple hoodoo methods and have great results, but in this type of instance, I would most definitely evoke a demon. :slight_smile: Good luck with Ant’Harratu!

I was thinking Hoodoo also. The green devil candle money spell!
(if the evocation doesn’t work)
Either way, I wish you success.

I was thinking Hoodoo also. The green devil candle money spell!
(if the evocation doesn’t work)
Either way, I wish you success.[/quote]

Yep, a blown egg full of cayenne juice, ground castor beans to purge the money out of him, and ashes from a sigil thrown at his house certainly wouldn’t hurt. :wink:

That sounds awesome, wish I knew where he lived :stuck_out_tongue: lol